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Brazilian table etiquette culture

Table etiquette is to pay attention to image when eating, not only that, but also involves issues such as before and after meals. We all know that China is an ancient civilization, and the issue of etiquette can be traced back a long time ago. The following editor will take you to take a look at the table manners in Brazil.

Dining etiquette culture

In terms of diet, Brazil is a place where immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Africa gather; eating habits are deeply influenced by Portuguese, African, Italian, Japanese and native Brazilians, so the habits vary from place to place, and they are very local. The southern part of Brazil is fertile and there are many pastures, and barbecue has become the most commonly used dish in the region. The staple food of people in the Northeast is tapioca flour and black beans. The staple food in other regions is noodles, rice and beans.

Brazilians usually eat European-style western food. Because of the well-developed animal husbandry, meat accounts for a larger proportion of the food eaten by Brazilians. Among the staple foods of Brazilians, Brazilian specialty black beans occupies a place. Brazilians like to drink coffee, black tea and wine. It is customary to eat European-style western food, but some people also like to eat Chinese food. Brazilians are open-minded, warm and polite.

In terms of diet, the characteristic of Brazilians is rice as their staple food. They like to sprinkle yam flour similar to potato flour on oil fried rice, and eat it with beans similar to cauliflower beans. In the past, Brazilians did not like to eat vegetables. After immigrants planted a large number of high-quality vegetables, the birthday table of Brazilians became richer. Fish-eating is not yet fully popular among Brazilians, usually only on Friday and Easter. However, they all like to eat shrimp, but the price is very expensive.

In a pleasant weekend meal, Brazilians like to grill large pieces of meat over the fire. Note that the Brazilian dinner time starts at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning, and the evening starts at 12 midnight. Drinking water is not safe. Only use boiled water or bottled beverages.

The famous dishes in Brazil are: Bean stew is a national dish, it is a dish cooked with beans. Roasted meat is a national dish. In every part of Brazil, roasted meat is a dish with Brazilian flavor. Keng stewed lamb can be regarded as a sudden rise, and its unique cooking method and country flavor are popular all over the country. Some people also call it passion stew.

There are also spicy grilled fish, sweet and sour grilled eel, grilled eggplant, grilled pepper, etc., which are new popular varieties in Brazil. There are also grilled vegetarian series such as grilled pineapple, grilled apple, grilled corn, grilled mushroom, grilled cantaloupe, etc., with different flavors. The same, but each one is particularly favored by girls.

Brazilians cannot do without alcohol in social activities. When the weather is hot, order a cold beer to relieve the heat. Brazil, known as the “Coffee Kingdom”, is one of the world’s largest coffee consumers and one of the world’s three largest coffee producing regions. Coffee is a favorite drink of most people, and drinking coffee has become a habit of local people. There is also yerba mate. Non-alcoholic beverages are the best fresh fruit juices. The lives of Brazilians have an indissoluble bond with coffee. It is common to drink dozens of cups of coffee in a day. When Brazilians meet with guests, they invite them to drink strong coffee, drink by drink in small cups.

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