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Returning from the Counterattack: My Wicked Wife

Returning from the Counterattack: My Wicked Wife
Other Name: 逆袭归来:我的废柴老婆

Genres: manga, Manhua, Romance
Ake Culture
27 ongoing
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“Zhang Zong Zhang Zong, there is a big man who wants to see you.” Zhang Yu, who was immersed in the file, looked up at him and then lowered his head, before asking leisurely, “Which big man wants to see me?” “Gu Dongyang.” “Oh, I wonder why it’s such a big man. Gu Dongyang, I don’t know him.” Zhang Yu said casually. “How can I say that I have lived with you for countless days and nights, and you actually said that you don’t know me, do you have to do something to remember who I am?”

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