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The new SRPG “WARPATH -Armed City-” is now available.

The new SRPG “WARPATH -Armed City-” is now available. Organize your troops with World War II weapons and take on the battle to protect the world.

Today (September 15, 2021), Lilith Games officially launched the new smartphone app “WARPATH -Armed City-” ( iOS / Android ).

This work is a title that sings “new immersive war simulation RPG” . The stage of the game is the earth of the 20th century. A mysterious organization called the “Raven Corps” that emerged after the war indiscriminately attacked each country, causing the war to break out again. The player becomes a commander who stands up against the enemy and leads his own troops into the battle. You can check the profound world view of this work in the following promotion movie, so please check it out.

The main attraction of the work, “T-35 Heavy Tank,” “He 177”, “VIII Panzer mouse” , etc., used during the Second World War, or prototype has been the weapon that more than a few hundred appeared Ya be , You can enjoy battles that make full use of various strategies such as surprise attacks and ambush on the map that progresses in real time, and if you expand the territory, you can teleport to each city in Europe and the United States and fight on the vast map etc. Has been done.

The number of pre-registered users of this work has exceeded 500,000. Along with this , various benefits such as “BM-8 Katyusha self-propelled multiple rocket launcher” and in-game items “military funds” “steel” “crude oil” will be distributed 150,000 each , so let’s use it for playing.

Lilith Games’ new work, a new immersive war simulation RPG “WARPATH -Armed City-” is now available! The number of pre-registered users has exceeded 500,000!

Lilith Games is pleased to announce that the new immersive war simulation RPG “WARPATH -Armed City-” has officially launched today on September 15, 2021 (Wednesday).

“WARPATH -Armed City-” is a “new immersive war simulation RPG” for smartphones. The story is set after the war, when evil organizations launch indiscriminate attacks on each country, dominate people by cruel means, and a chaotic society plunges the world into chaos and causes the war again. Here, the players become commanders and protect the world from the plots of evil organizations.

There are more than hundreds of military weapons used during World War II. In addition, legendary weapons under experimentation and design, such as the unactivated weapons “VIII Tank Mouse” and “T-43 Tank”, will also appear in the game.

Fully observe the battle situation with a real-time map. Skillfully use reconnaissance to ambush the sky castle, aiming for a chance to join the enemy! You can bring the battlefield with all kinds of strategies such as siege, siege, and ambush!

The battlefield is the whole world! If you expand your territory, you can teleport to various cities in the United States and the continent of Europe. Use your strategy on an infinite map and engage in fierce battles with millions of players from around the world!

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