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Guide To Training A Husband

Guide To Training A Husband
Other Name: 训练丈夫的指南

Genres: manga, Love & Romance, Manhua, Slice of Life, Webtoon
Qin Tangtang (Original) Fang Chao Entertainment
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The manhua tells the story of a little lawyer, Chi Yu Mo, who mistakenly believes that President Lei Ting Li has been cuckolded by his wife. In order to raise money for her sister’s medical expenses, she decides to take the right to represent him in the divorce case. Lei Ting Li looks at her and hands out an agreement. After Chi Yu Mo signed it, she realized that it was not a divorce power of attorney but an indenture agreement to sell herself! She sinks into his domineering and pampering, and her past is revealed. It turns out that their destiny is already predestined.

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