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Introducing the “NBA 2K22” that will satisfy your WNBA love. Experience “the world’s best basketball game”

The latest NBA 2K series “NBA 2K22” ( PS5 / PC / Xbox Series X / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One ) released from 2K on September 10, 2021 . This work, developed by Visual Concepts based in California, USA, is an NBA official title that allows you to enjoy the “world’s best basketball game” by operating the players who actually exist in the NBA * 1 and WNBA * 2 . ..  Various elements such as sophisticated video expression that makes players enthusiastic and player AI that does not make you feel stress, as well as games that balance reality and fun of the game, will repeat the title from the first work launched in 1999. Every time, it is definitely evolving.

Speaking of the NBA, in recent years enrolled in the Washington Wizards Hachimura Rui player (hereinafter, Hachimura players) should surely many people think of. Hachimura, who has been in charge of the official Japanese ambassador for the NBA 2K series from “NBA 2K20” two works ago, was the first Japanese player to decorate the package (regular version “Japan Limited Edition Special Version”). It is also a hot topic.

Other packages featured the Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic (“Global Edition”) and former basketball players Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Dirk Nowitzki and Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant (“NBA 75th Anniversary Edition”).

In addition, WNBA’s Chicago Sky player Candace Parker was appointed to the North American limited edition package . It was the first time in the history of 22 years that a female player decorated the package in the “NBA 2K” series. Candy Parker, who was assigned this important role, is also a gold medalist who participated in the games as a member of the American national team at the Beijing Olympics (2008) and the London Olympics (2012) and brought back gold medals both times.

The video when the package was unveiled to Candace Parker shows her smiling happily with her drawn package in her hand. Candace Parker, who said he was playing the “NBA 2K” series with his brothers when he was a child, also said, “I dreamed of decorating the cover of the game.”

WNBA, where such Parker players are also active, has just implemented a total of 12 teams from the “NBA 2K20” two works ago. The modes you can play are limited, but like the NBA, you can control the players you are enrolled in to play.

By the way, it is this WNBA that I would like to introduce through “NBA 2K22” this time. It’s been a while since it was released, but I would like to tell you about the appeal of WNBA that I want to write down because it is “now”, and how to enjoy the WNBA mode that you can experience with “NBA 2K22”. In the second half, I will also introduce how I played the NBA mode “My Career”, so please take a look until the end.

WNBA, a league where female players play an active role
This summer, the top players enrolled fought a fierce battle in Tokyo.

How many people know WNBA in Japan in the first place? Compared to the United States, where basketball was popular as a major sport before that, there may be more people in Japan who are unfamiliar with basketball itself (especially women’s basketball). However, many people may have been interested in basketball at the “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games” (TOKYO 2020) held this summer .

I remember Hachimura acting as the men’s flag bearer of the Japanese team. At TOKYO 2020, Japan’s performance in five-player basketball was unfortunately eliminated from the qualifying for the men’s national team, but it is led by Tom Hovasse. The women’s national team won the highest-ever silver medal.

During the tournament, all the team members, including captain Maki Takada and team commander Rui Machida, showed us a lot of wonderful games. Among them, Saki Hayashi, who scored 3 points in the reversal against Belgium with about 16 seconds remaining, was very impressed and excited.
The final match for the gold medal is a battle with the United States, which has been winning gold medals since the Barcelona Olympics (1996). Japan was defeated by the United States in 75-90, but the appearance of the Japanese national team who boldly confronted the American players was very cool, and it was also a match that delivered Japanese basketball to the world.

Although the United States became the opponent of Japan in this final match, it was after the curtain of TOKYO 2020 that the author knew that all the participating players were “the top active players who are active in the WNBA” . The same applies to the four American basketball players (winning gold medals) who participated in basketball 3×3, using about half the court of five-player basketball and putting the ball into the ring toward one goal with three to three players. Is.

Being active in the WNBA means that it also exists in the game of “NBA 2K22”, and that you can actually operate these players to play the game. When I realized that, I couldn’t stand even if I was a writer who was sweating about the battle of the American national team, so I played this work immediately after its release.

Now that we have talked about TOKYO 2020, let me introduce 12 American players who participated in 5-player basketball + 4 players who participated in basketball 3×3 with in-game screenshots. In the game, a numerical value called “rating” is set to indicate the ability value of the players, so if you are interested, you should check the rating.

Below, the order of publication is in the order of the national team’s uniform numbers. The () after the name is the name of the team enrolled in the WNBA, and the number in the screenshot is the number of the team enrolled in the WNBA.

In the game, it is possible to obtain information such as the player’s position in the team, personal data, career results, etc., so let’s touch on the players introduced.

First of all, Sue Bird, who is the captain and has the same PG (point guard) as Machida in Japan, and Diana Taurasi, who supports Sue Bird as SG (shooting guard). The two are from the University of Connecticut, which is known as a basketball powerhouse (Breanna Stewart is also from the same university), and have experienced the five Olympics together so far, and are legendary among the WNBA. It can be said that it is an existence.

A recent topic about Diana Taurasi is the movie. A movie called “Space Players” starring LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers who is active in the NBA was released in Japan from August 27th. This work is known as an adventure movie in which LeBron James co-starred with the characters appearing in Warner Bros. Pictures.
In fact, five basketball players have appeared in addition to LeBron James, and one of them is Diana Taurasi. Please check the movie to see what kind of role you are performing.

Next is Brittney Griner, who is in the C (center) position, but his height of 206 cm poses a sufficient threat on the court. I was overwhelmed by the appearance of deciding a dunk shot with a relaxed expression.

By the way, Jewell Loyd, Sue Bird, Aja Wilson, Breanna Stewart, Diana Taurasi, Tina Charles, Brittney Griner, Kelsey Plum, Jackie Young are WNBA players. He is also the player who was nominated for the first place overall at the draft meeting to be held. Dawn Staley, who was the coach of the five-player basketball, was also a former American national team player and was also Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi and his teammates at the Athens Olympics (2004).

With that feeling, the American national team, whose entire team was made up of star players, was overwhelmingly strong on the court and always challenged the game with a serious look. After winning the gold medal, the act of celebrating the victory by sprinkling champagne in the locker room, champagne fight, and how teammates are happy to win each other are published on the player’s personal SNS.
The following tweets were posted by Aja Wilson. The attached short video shows a teammate dancing to the song “Up” by popular American rapper Cardi B. I was able to hear the facial expressions of the players different from those on the court, which made me feel very relaxed.

The top 10 women’s ratings are Breanna Stewart with a maximum of 95, Aja Wilson & Jonquel Jones 94, Candace Parker 93, Brittney Griner & Elena Delle Donne & Tina.・ Charles is 92, Sylvia Faulas & Elizabeth Candace is 91, and Nneka Ogwike is 88. As many as five American national players are ranked in.

Introducing “NBA 2K22”, which also satisfies the thumbnail / WNBA love of image collection # 001. Experience “the world’s best basketball game” Introducing “NBA 2K22”, a thumbnail of image collection # 002 / WNBA that will satisfy your love. Experience “the world’s best basketball game”

Elizabeth Cambage with a rating of 91 is also a player with a height of 203 cm, no less than Brittney Griner. Although he was also an Australian national team player at TOKYO 2020, he has not participated because he declined the national team.

A chance to join the WNBA’s favorite team !!
Let’s make “MyPLAYER” with “The W”

From here, I would like to take a look at WNBA’s main mode “The W” in the game . What is The W? It’s a mode in which you can create your own “My PLAYER” that allows you to customize everything, and enroll in an actual team to build up your professional career.

In customization, the player who decides the name, position, dominant hand, uniform number (the uniform number used by the player who is already on the team cannot be selected), nickname (select from the set), which skill is good at You can finely set the type, height, weight, wingspan, body shape, etc. The appearance can be adjusted in almost every part, including hair and skin color. If you link the application “MyNBA 2K22” with the account of the hardware you are playing, you can automatically generate the appearance by scanning the face taken by the camera.

The W has been installed since the previous work “NBA 2K21”, and in addition to normal games, you can play 3on3 games with online players, and there is also a function that allows you to play games with friends.
The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions have introduced new “badge progress” and “three types of activities.” You can further customize MyPLAYER based on your specialty, acquire new skills and strengthen MyPLAYER, and enjoy the development of MyPLAYER even more.

3on3 play scenery
Introducing “NBA 2K22”, a thumbnail of image collection # 055 / WNBA that will satisfy your love. Experience “the world’s best basketball game” Introducing “NBA 2K22”, a thumbnail of image collection # 056 / WNBA that will satisfy your love. Experience “the world’s best basketball game”

Although it is a team to join, you can choose your favorite team. I would like to briefly explain the WNBA team as well. I introduced the American national team players earlier, but you may have noticed that each team was different (some players are from the same team). The players who belong to the national team are usually on different teams, and during the season they face each other on the court as enemies.

As mentioned at the beginning, the WNBA currently has 12 teams based in the United States. The 12 teams consist of teams belonging to the Eastern Conference (East Area) and the Western Conference (West Area), and the conferences to which each team is classified are as follows.

As an aside, WNBA has had three Japanese players so far. The first is Mikiko Hagiwara. He was enrolled in Sacramento Monarchs (dissolved) and Phoenix Mercury. The second is Yuko Oga. Mr. Ogami is also enrolled in Phoenix Mercury, and at the time of enrollment, he was a teammate with Diana Taurasi. And the third is Ramu Tokashiki, who is 193 cm tall and has been with the Seattle Storm, where Jewell Loyd, Sue Bird, and Breanna Stewart are enrolled, as the same teammate for three years from 2015. She is an active basketball player, and although she has not participated in TOKYO 2020 due to injury, she has participated in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics (2016) as a player representing Japan.

The player will be a newcomer to join such a WNBA team, but the team may choose the team in which their favorite player is enrolled, the team that intuitively feels strong, or the team’s It is also a good idea to make a decision after examining the results and player data. For those who say “I can’t decide because I’m worried about it …”, I recommend using the random function to select a team.

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