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Chijo no Kiss (2021) 痴情の接吻

Chijo no Kiss (2021)
Other Title: 痴情の接吻, The Kiss of Blind Love, Chijo no Seppun

Genres: drama, romance
 TV Asahi
Release Date: 
July 3, 2021 – Sep 4, 2021
Related Show:
Adapted from the manga “Chijou no Seppun” (痴情の接吻) by Kisaragi Hiiro (如月ひいろ).


  • Hashimoto Ryosuke as Kamijo Shinobu
  • Nakamura Yurika as Kashiwagi Kazuka
  • Inoue Yuki as Suzuki Takeshi
  • Ohira Shuzo as Satoshima Atsushi
  • Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Kashiwagi Masakazu
  • Takashima Reiko as Kashiwagi Hanako

Is it pleasant to be object of obsession of a perfect man? This is the start of a cohabitation story between a woman who thinks “It’s more fun to be fulfilled with my interests rather than love,” Waka, and a man who has an unrequited love while doing everything he can to persuade her, Shinobu! Waka, who’s a librarian, was looking for a place to move into with her huge collection of books. In the midst of that, she suddenly reunited with Shinobu, a researcher, who suddenly kissed her back in high school while reading Tanizaki Junichirou’s “A Fool’s Love”…?! They suddenly started living together, and when he confessed that he “liked” her, Waka turned him down immediately?!!

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