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Game fans are not happy with 12 tails licensed to pirated servers after being charged

There is a story in the gaming industry with a game that many Thai people know and want to bring back to reopen the most like ” 12 Tails Online ” developed by Big Buck Studios, which has issues related to pirate servers. After the camp License to operate the service after the server is billed.

This all started when Big Buck Studios never made it clear whether or not they would be bringing the 12-tail game back into service. Until the group of people who play the game have a plan to create a game server to play among themselves. There are two servers, which are Chara and TH, which Chara has planned to open before and has just passed the test without actually opening the service until TH has announced the service first.

Subsequently, the TH server has been opened for top-up games by Big Buck Studios, it has been announced in “Service License” per TH server (this is a declaration on behalf of the Company Page representative. But there is no official book) in the announcement saying that another server (meaning Chara) can continue to open.

However, Chara servers had no billing plans in the first place. Therefore, there is no doubt that Big Bug Studio will not use its legal power to shut down the server, causing Chara to decide to cancel the server to play. As a result, the server is open, so only TH is left. By the way, Big Buck Studio has informed in the announcement on the company page that Not siding with any particular server but must be made legal

The reactions of the players showed a large number of opinions. The direction of the comments are different in the same direction is that Big Buck Studios should bring the game back to open by itself because players have asked to bring it back to open service very much. And giving a pirated server permission to license the service is clearly biased. Otherwise Chara wouldn’t have to be so insecure that it would have to close this decision.

There is another interesting comment. It is an opinion from the page of GODLIKE Game s, a game provider in Thailand. by having come out to comment that The company had tried to contact Big Buck Studios to request to buy the license of the game 12 tails online to open the service by itself, but Big Buck Studios refused, this was the decision of the game license holder. The team has no right to interfere in this matter. But we come to comment because there are many fans of the game message.

For 12 Tails Online is a game from Big Bug Studio, a Thai skill that took 3 years to develop and was first released in 2011 by I Digital Connect Co., Ltd. (Nexton (Thailand) Co., Ltd. at present) has been opened for service Subsequently, the game was shut down in 2016 and there were plans to make the 12 tails game online in mobile format and registrations were opened to move data from PC to mobile, but after that everything was quiet until There is no news anymore, with Big Buck Studios starting a second game project instead, Demon Are Crazy, which is currently available on the Steam platform.

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