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Introduction to Latina (Larissa Latynina)

Larissa Latynina. Female, born on December 27, 1934 in Kherson, Ukraine. Ukrainian (former Soviet Union) gymnast. Holds seven Olympic historical records: she is the only athlete to win 18 Olympic medals; she is one of four athletes to win nine Olympic gold medals; she is the only athlete to win 14 individual medals, and also three in a single event One of the three female athletes who won gold medals in the Olympics.

Sports career
In 1956 in Australia, the 16th Melbourne. The 21-year-old Latinina defeated Keleti in the women’s individual gymnastics all-around competition to win the gold medal. Her second gold medal came from the uneven bars and then won the gold in the floor exercise competition. In addition, Latinina also led the Soviet team to win the gymnastics team gold medal.

In 1960 in Italy, the 17th Rome Summer Olympics. Latinina successfully defended the Olympic gold medal in the individual all-around event and won another gold in the team event. In this Olympics, she also won the gold medal in the floor exercise competition and the silver medal in the uneven bars.

In 1964 in Japan, the 18th Tokyo Summer Olympics. Latinina once again set an exciting Olympic record. In this competition, she won her third individual gymnastics team gold medal and a silver medal in the individual all-around event. At the same time, she also won the floor exercise championship and achieved three consecutive floor exercise championships.

In the three Olympic Games she participated in, Latinina won 6 medals each time. In the three competitions, she won a total of 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals. This is hardly surpassed by future generations. Record. In addition to the brilliant results in the Olympics, she also became the world champion nine times from 1954 to 1962. In 1966, 32-year-old Larissa Latinina ended his career as an athlete. After retiring, Latinina began her coaching career. From 1967 to 1977, she served as the coach of the former Soviet Union National Gymnastics Team. He also served as a scoring referee on the organizing committee of the 1980 Moscow Olympic gymnastics competition. He lived in Japan after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In the eyes of former Soviet gymnast Larissa Latina, the most cherished medal is the small honor medal he received when he graduated in 1953. Winning gold and silver in the arena has not caused many waves, because there are too many of them: she won a total of 24 gold medals, 15 silver medals and 5 bronze medals in the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships, becoming a famous in the history of world gymnastics. Heroine.

In 1964, at the 18th Tokyo Olympic Games, Latina was on the Olympic venue for the third time. At that time, the gymnastics queen was already a 30-year-old mother. Some people speculated that her gymnastics career was coming to an end.

Surprisingly, Latina Nina wrote a perfect personal record in this Olympics. Continuing the previous two picking 6 styles, she once again won 6 medals and achieved the “three consecutive championships” in team and floor exercises. So far, from 1956 to 1964 for three consecutive Olympic Games, Latina Nina won 9 golds, 5 silvers, and 4 bronzes, and won a total of 18 Olympic medals. She has become one of the 4 athletes who have won 9 gold medals in all events in the history of the 2008 Olympic Games. One.

The Times commented that day: “We may never see a gymnastic star like her again. But every moment she brings us tonight is exciting: these perfect movements breed eternity Hope.”

Larissa Latinina was born on December 27, 1934 in Kherson on the Dnieper River in the former Soviet Union of Ukraine. Due to the influence of World War II, Latinina was unfortunately orphaned in childhood and was embarrassed. Life aroused her desire for a better life, and her strongest dream was to become an excellent ballerina, so she practiced ballet hard. However, by chance, this sensitive and powerful girl was attracted by the charm of gymnastics.

In the third grade of elementary school, Latinina looked at the door of the gymnastics room. Physical education teacher Mikhail was leading the senior students to practice on the horizontal bar. She was fascinated by the vigorous gymnastics movements.

“What are you doing here?” Suddenly, the physical education teacher spotted her and asked sharply on purpose.

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