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The International 10 Biggest DOTA 2 Tournaments Win total prize money of more than 40 million US dollars

The dark horse in the CIS zone defeats PSG.LGD, a favorite of the Chinese champions, won the DOTA 2 World Championship or TI10

Sunday, October 17, 2021, the results of the Dota 2 World Championship 2021 or the international 10 or Moba gamers called TI10 in the final. It is a meeting of PSG.LGD, an e-sports team with Paris Saint-Germain, a famous football club in France. Who entered the finals in the upper bracket meet Team Spirit, the champion in the lower bracket.

Where Team spirit is the dark horse in this competition, who entered the secondary Main Event in the upper bracket but was defeated by Invictus gaming or IG team from China until they had to play in the bottom bracket or the loser’s line.

But they managed to find the team’s momentum to find and breakthrough a lot of tough levels, including reigning champions OG from Ti8-9, Virtus pro, the No. 1 team in the CIS zone that has always been in the bad but managed to win, including revenge. IG and went in to defeat the team secret with former Ti 1 champions as captain and reach the finals successfully.

While PSG.LGD enters the Main Event round in the upper line and defeats the brutal team, including T1 with One Nara “23Savage” Teeramahanont as the main player and many grads until the team went to stand and wait in the final success

in the final Competing in a BO5 system (who gets to 3 first wins), Team Spirit created a surprise plot and managed to lead 2-0, but the more experienced LGD was able to return to the equalizer and have to play a deciding game and be on the Team side. Spirit, who was able to defeat with a score of 3-2, successfully won the TI 10 championship and received a prize of 600 million baht. It was also the first place from the CIS zone (Russia) to win the championship in 9 years after the NAVI team. Can be done in Ti1

While the performance of Thai athletes in Ti10 T1 with One Nara “23Savage” Teeramahananon as the main player Finished in joint 8th place, which is the best Thai player in this list with MITH.TRUSH who did it in TI1. Team T1 received prize money of 1 million USD.

As for Anucha “Jabs” Jirawong, another skilled player who plays in the position The support team of Fnatic finished 9th-12th place together with prize money of $800,000.

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