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President Satan, don’t love me

President Satan, don’t love me
Other Name: 撒旦总裁,别爱我, President Lucifer, Please Don’t Love Me 撒旦总裁, 别爱我

Genres: romance, manhua, city, love, President
唯爱阳光 Wei Ai Yang Guang (HE)
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“An Ran is the rumored’vicious adopted daughter’. In this life, there are three things she regrets the most. First, on the night of her mother’s death, she begged the wrong person, lost her body and was jailed. Second, she lost her liver to retaliate against her father’s family and provoke her reassuring boyfriend Qiao Yuchen. Third, she shouldn’t fall in love with that man and set herself on fire.

Until one day, I really learned to cherish, but I looked back. I realized that some things were gone and I could never find them again-Qiao Yuchen”

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