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Social, livestock, and ladies online business

Social, livestock, and ladies online business
Other Name: 社畜名媛在线营业

Genres: manhua, romance
The Second Day of Winter Moon
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The Qiao Group is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Qiao Yu, the daughter of Qiao Jiayao, is in danger and ordered to become a social animal! He did not hesitate to use himself and the black-bellied president Lu Nancheng to make a deal, but he did not expect that the two of them actually did fake plays, and they became a preference for each other. crisis! ! The active business love was cracked by the grievances of his fathers. The malicious serious injury of the rival made Qiao Yu gradually frustrated with Lu Nancheng. I wonder if the president will stage his wife chasing crematorium!

Chapter 7 Mr. Lu… (P)
Chapter 6 Childish Man (P)
Chapter 5 Go to the hospital (P)
Chapter 4 He likes men? ! (P)
Chapter 3 The Blind Date That Destroyed Lu Nancheng (P)
Chapter 2 “I touched you!” (P)
Chapter 1 Mr. Lu, marry me! (P)

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