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What is the current bank demand interest rate?

Nowadays, many families in society are getting richer, and naturally they also have a certain amount of idle funds on hand. In order to prevent the depreciation of these money, they will choose to deposit them in the bank, which is not only safe but also collects interest. So, what is the current bank demand interest? The latest standard is like this, let’s take a look.

It is understood that the current central bank’s latest benchmark interest rate is 0.35%, while the current interest rate of some state-owned banks such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank is 0.3%. Of course, major banks on the market may base their benchmark interest rates on the central bank. There are certain fluctuations in the above, and there is no uniform standard.

At this time, only one passbook is needed to handle RMB and multiple foreign currency current savings deposits at the same time, and the deposit status is clear at a glance. At present, bank demand deposit interest is calculated on the basis of days.

The calculation formula for interest is demand interest = deposit balance × (current interest rate ÷ 360) × number of days of deposit is the daily interest rate.

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