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Peerless Wuhun

Peerless Wuhun
Other Name: 绝世武魂, Juéshì wǔ hún

Genres: manhua, action
Shen township
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The Dragon Vein Continent is full of thousands of races, countless sects, and martial artists are respected. The strong destroy the world, the weak creep like ants. Young Chen Feng, his dantian is like iron, unable to practice, he was cold-eyed. Occasionally got the supreme dragon’s blood, the mysterious ancient ding, from then on rising against the sky, turned out to be born! The pretty demon fox, the Lengao empress, the magic door demon girl, and the protoss princess all fall into my arms. Xiuwu inherits, condenses the strongest martial soul, sits on all the beauty, and looks down upon Jiuxiao.

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