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Sumu Sumu (2021) 住住

Sumu Sumu (2021)
Other Title: 住住, Housing, Sumisumi (住住)

Genres: drama, Comedy, Life
 Bakarhythm, Okura, Hiroyuki Abe
Hulu, Nippon Television
Release Date: 
April 25, 2021 – June 27, 2021
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  • Bakarhythm as Himself
  • Nikaido Fumi as Herself
  • Himura Yuki as Himself
  • Wakabayashi Masayasu as Himself
  • Mizukawa Asami as Herself

A room in a certain condominium in Tokyo. This is the so-called “workplace” that Bakarhythm rents for writing. When Bakarhythm is heading to the desk alone, Bananaman Himura and Audrey Wakabayashi visit and interfere with writing. In addition, so that the house will be filled with the actress Asami Mizukawa in the neighborhood …! A “gathering where nothing happens” of close entertainers who transcend the boundaries of men and women will begin tonight.

Distribution schedule:
Episode 1: Distribution start on April 18 (Sat)
Episode 2: Distribution start on April 25 (Sat)
Episode 3: Distribution start on May 2 (Sat)
Episode 4: May 9 (Sat) Distribution start
Episode 5: May 16 (Sat) Distribution start
Episode 6: May 23 (Sat) Distribution start

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