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Rebirth of the Scum Queen

Rebirth of the Scum Queen
Other Name: 重生之虐渣女王, Chóngshēng zhī nüè zhā nǚwáng

Genres: manhua, Love, girl, city, president
Palm reading
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What is the standard action after rebirth? The left hand turns over the whole family of the scumbag, and the right hand hugs the boss’s thigh. Xiaojiao’s wife: “Husband, what should I do if I am scolded as a dog by my menopausal boss?” President Ba: “Arrangement, the Queen will be promoted so that the former boss will kneel to be a dog!” Xiaojiao’s wife: “My husband, the salary is too low to support What should I do with the children?” President Ba: “Arrange, give the Queen a salary increase and increase the salary to 10 million yuan per year!” President Ba has no bottom line for his wife, I love you, I give you all the property, and I also give you.

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