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SWORD ART ONLINE : Integral Factor (Game)

SWORD ART ONLINE: Integral Factor is a MMORPG based mobile game based on the Sword Art Online anime series, giving you the opportunity to join the SAO game player, conquer 100 floors of ‘Einred’ to survive. It is now available worldwide in English version!

The game will proceed in a story similar to the anime. (Not exactly) where we will meet the characters in the story, such as Kirito Asuna, Klein, Sachili, Faekilliz, Beth Silica, and many others in the future.

In character creation You can customize it freely. In addition, if the creation is not satisfied, you can continue to customize the character as needed. There are options to adjust gender, tone, hair style, hair color, face, eye color, additional face decorations, skin tone and height.

After creating a character, the game will give her a cute companion.She will follow along and fight together, where you can name, choose your weapon and dress her however you want. But if you join a party with your friends She will temporarily disappear until you leave the party.

The specialty of SAO is that you can choose your weapon according to the situation. You can change weapons as you wish because there is no choice of occupation. As for the skill, it can be obtained from completing quests. Or press randomly, there will be a chance to get good skills, all of the skills will be the skills of the characters in the story In the beginning, you may have to choose a weapon based on the skill you have until you find the weapon skill you like.

If you’ve played MMORPG games, this game will be similar in that it includes quests, hunting monsters, crafting weapons, creating shields, enhancing equipment, creating armor, making beautiful outfits to put on, or randomizing the cache. Can wear But there is a warning in random sets: You may get every part of the outfit except the shirt. Because the release rate is very low

In terms of traveling, you don’t have to worry about running until you get bored. Because there will always be a teleportation point for every place that has been previously visited Which if you did not go into a special dungeon or Eincrad You will have the opportunity to meet other players everywhere.

In the end, do not forget to invite your friends to play together a lot, especially for SAO fans that you should not miss this game. Because you will surely have an awesome experience.

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