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Rikokatsu (2021) リコカツ

Rikokatsu (2021)
Other Title: リコカツ, Riko cutlet

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
Tsuboi Toshio, Suzuki Sanae
Izumisawa Yoko
Release Date: 
Apr, 2021
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  • Kitagawa Keiko as Mizuguchi Saki
  • Nagayama Eita as Obara Koichi
  • Sano Shiro as Mizuguchi Takeshi [Saki’s father]
  • Mitsuishi Kotono as Mizuguchi Midori [Saki’s mother]
  • Hiraiwa Kami as Shikahama Kaede [Saki’s older sister]
  • Sakou Yoshi as Obara Tadashi [Koichi]

Saki Mizuguchi (Keiko Kitagawa) and Koichi Ohara (Eita Nagayama) got married to be guided by the thread of fate. I met 3 months ago. Koichi of the Air Rescue Wing of the Air Self-Defense Force rescued Saki who was in distress in the snowy mountains. Bohemian Saki, who is the editor of a fashion magazine, and Koichi, who grew up in a strict SDF family. Although their personalities are opposite, they vowed to build a happy life together.

However, the day after the wedding. Saki is awakened by the sound of a wake-up trumpet at 4 o’clock in the early morning, and Koichi makes him sing the Ohara family’s lessons. Saki spills on her junior Natsumi Sanbongi (Ito Ohno) at the company. After being laughed at by Natsumi, Takaya Aoyama (Mitsuomi Takahashi), a former boyfriend, was said to have been better.

On holidays, Koichi’s suggestion was to eat out. Saki is pleased, but Koichi has a different sense of everything from fashion to choosing a store. In addition, Saki’s dissatisfaction explodes because she pushes her thoughts. Koichi also got into a big quarrel saying, “It’s different from the marriage I expected,” and divorced each other.

The two tried to tell Koichi’s parents that they were thinking of divorcing at the Ohara family’s dinner party. However, my mother Kaoru (Yoshiko Miyazaki) and my father Tadashi (Yoshi Sakou) first told me that we would be divorced.

Furthermore, there is a disturbing atmosphere between Saki’s father, Takeshi (Shiro Sano) and his mother, Midori (Kotono Mitsuishi).

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