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The Goddess took me to be a Schoolmaster

The goddess took me to be a schoolmaster (Manga)
Other Name: 女神带我当学霸

Genres: manhua, Harem, in love
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Luo Fan’s parents, who have been missing for many years, suddenly appear. Before the family can be reunited, they are slaughtered by mysterious people! Because of the strong obsession, the learning hegemony system is opened, and you can live your life again! Luo Fan, who is open, explores the mystery of the dragon bone all the way, and the gods block and kill the gods and Buddhas. In this life, we must not only pull away the heavy fog about the “keel”, let the previous life kill him and repay his blood, and resurrect his relatives, but also let the radiant “Pudu” goddess of Xueba’s light work hand in hand against the villains. Use learning to save the world!

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