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Chapter 1331 Give a hug

Yunjian Water Village.

Because of receiving too much information at a time, Lin Yan was exhausted physically and mentally, especially the result of the paternity test, which almost subverted her life for more than 20 years.

In fact, she had a faint hunch before, but she had never dared to think about it. She didn’t expect things to be more complicated than she thought.

She didn’t expect that He Muyun, who had always been regarded as the closest person, was not her biological mother, and Wang Jingyang’s attitude today made her feel a little strange.

He really just thought it was impossible, so let her not believe the results of the appraisal?


Lin Yanzheng’s thoughts were chaotic, and a warm and sweet voice came from her ear.

“Little gift!” The haze in Lin Yan’s eyes dissipated slightly, and he smiled and looked at the little guy.

Pei Li almost saw that Lin Yan’s expression was wrong at a glance, and immediately looked at her worriedly, “Sister, are you unhappy? Are you feeling unwell?”

Lin Yan was a little surprised that children of this size could tell at a glance. She comforted her emotions, “No, it’s just a little tired from work, just take a break! Thank you Xiaoli for your concern!” The

little guy pursed his lips, still full of worry, “Sister, I can do it for you.” Would you like something?”

Lin Yan felt warm, squatted down, and opened his arms towards the little guy, “Yes, I can give my sister a hug.”

Pei Li was stunned at first, then his face blushed suddenly, abnormally. Solemnly walked towards Lin Yan.

Lin Yan hugged the little guy, soft, and suddenly felt a lot better.

Pei Li crossed Lin Yan’s shoulders, saw Pei Yucheng standing at the door, and cast a provocative look.

Pei Yucheng calmly walked over to take the bag on Lin Yan’s wrist, and then stretched out his hand to touch Pei Li’s head naturally.

The three stood together, as if they were a family of three.

However, in fact, if Lin Yan were not present and Pei Yucheng’s hand was close to Pei Li’s head, the little guy would be able to lift the house directly, but at this moment he could only endure it, his cheeks were angry. Drum.

“Xiao Li personally cooks for you, and has been waiting for you to come back.” Pei Yucheng said.

Lin Yan was surprised when he heard this, “Really? Xiaoli, you know how to cook?”

Lin Yan was pleasantly surprised and patted his chest with joy. Fortunately, it was not Pei Yucheng who was cooking.

Pei Li nodded somewhat abruptly, and then looked at Pei Yucheng contemptuously.

Humph, a man who doesn’t even know how to cook is not good enough for his mother.

On the table, there are two vegetarian dishes and one meat dish, and a soup. They are all home-cooked dishes. Although simple, they look very delicious.

Lin Yan looked at Pei Li, the more he looked at him, the more he liked it. Such a sensible child, his parents are so cruel to leave him!

Since bringing this child with him, Lin Yan has discovered that this child seems to be particularly insecure and feels distressed in a sensible manner, as if he is afraid of being abandoned again.

Although at first it was only for one hundred thousand yuan a month, now she is really reluctant to bear this child.

“Sister, it’s the first time I made these. I don’t know how it tastes, you can taste it.” The little guy looked at her expectantly.

Lin Yan picked up a small fried pork with chopsticks and raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, “Wow, it’s delicious!”

After all, he is a child of only five or six years old. He has to stand on the bench when cooking. Lin Yan thinks he can cook well. It’s pretty good, but I didn’t expect it to taste really good.

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