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Chapter 1330 (The rest of my life is with you)

Leaving China with Lin Yan?

Xiao Ze’s tone was very surprised: “Wang Jingyang, do you think you can do it… Even if you can, it needs Lin Yan to continue to amnesia once. As long as she forgets everyone, but still remembers you, where do you take her?

It’s okay .” This is almost impossible, and Wang Jingyang doesn’t want to do it either.

Wang Jingyang was silent for a long time, and then he said: “It’s really impossible, I can only kidnap her.”

“It’s useless, it’s already been targeted, even if Lin Yan is willing to

leave , she can’t escape.” Hanging up, Wang Jingyang ‘S mood is a bit restless.

Xiao Ze was right. If he was targeted, even if he wanted to escape, he would definitely not be able to escape.

For so many years, he thought he had hidden Lin Yan well enough, but it turned out to be nothing.

Regarding Xiao Ze’s intelligence network, Wang Jingyang would never doubt that as the third third of Xiao Ze, the most powerful thing is his accurate intelligence.

“By the way, did Lin Yan suspect that you are Xiao Yao and Xiao Ji’s younger brother?” Wang Jingyang asked.

“How could I suspect that Lin Yan had forgotten my eldest brother and my second elder brother long ago. It’s just one surname. If there are too many people with the same surname, how could they associate themselves with brothers.” Back then

, Lin Yan had the best relationship with San Zhongxiao. Xiao Ze.

After Lin Yan lost his memory, he had forgotten these three brothers long ago, but Xiao Ze met Lin Yan again.

Leaving Wang Jingyang’s home, Lin Yan made a phone call.

“What’s the order.”

“Is there any news from my brother?” Lin Yan asked.

“It’s still…”

Before finishing talking, Lin Yan said helplessly: “Ozawa, you are too good at blowing up, and said that your intelligence is number one in the world, I have news here, your so-called intelligence The net is not as good as me.”

“Actually, I also have some news here. You can try to find out from the Hunter’s Guild. Maybe your brother has any contact with the Hunter’s Guild.”

Lin Yan frowned, “You are right… …By the way, I asked you to investigate the owner of the laboratory. You don’t need to investigate, I already know who it is.”

“Do you know it’s Muyu?”

The voice on the phone was a little surprised.

Immediately, Lin Yan’s complexion changed slightly: “Ozawa, how do you know Muyu?!”

Muyu and the devil are alone. Lin Yan is now certain that his name is Muyan, and Muyu, That is, the devil’s head, should be her sister of the same father and mother.

Lin Yan really wants to find Mu Yu and ask her who she is. If Mu Yu is her sister, why didn’t she recognize her, and why did she get her into the laboratory back then? Is this a coincidence or something else? .

Lin Yan wanted to ask Xiao Ze, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Ze said Mu Yu’s name all at once.

“What Muyu, which Muyu? You heard it wrong, I just said…I have to go to the shower, I haven’t had a shower these few days…”

Before Lin Yan could continue to say something, a busy tone came through the phone. .

Obviously, Xiao Ze hung up the phone.

Why would Lin Yan let Xiao Ze go easily and continue to call Xiao Ze, but Xiao Ze didn’t answer the phone.

Lin Yan didn’t know if Xiao Ze knew about the female devil Muyu through his own intelligence network, but Xiao Ze must be hiding something from him.

Lin Yan originally planned to go home directly to ask He Muyun to ask for more information, but he still did not make a decision whether he wanted to have a showdown with He Muyun at this moment.

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