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Chapter 1329 (The rest of my life is with you)

Lin Yan looked inexplicably at Wang Jingyang, who was fascinated by his brows. This product was a little bit abnormal.

The facts are already in front of him, and Lin Yan doesn’t know why Wang Jingyang is so excited and tries to persuade her with fallacies.

“Is your reaction a bit too extreme?” Lin Yan stared at Wang Jingyang.

Hearing the sound, Wang Jingyang was taken aback for a moment, and immediately said to Lin Yan, “I just think this kind of thing should be cautious…After all…”

Wang Jingyang felt that he could not make it up anymore.

Don’t stare at Wang Jingyang intently, Lin Yan said after a long time, “Doozi, do you know something.”

Hearing Lin Yan’s words, Wang Jingyang shook his head repeatedly, “How would I know about your family?” Waiting for

Lin Yan to leave. Later, Wang Jingyang wanted to make a call to He Muyun, but in the end he didn’t make the call.

Since Lin Yan already knew that He Muyun was not her biological mother, it was futile to continue to do anything.

Moreover, the point at this stage is not to make Lin Yan continue to believe in her relationship with He Muyun’s mother, but why Lin Yan suspected her and He Muyun’s relationship and led her to do a paternity test.

He took Lin Yandong to hide in Tibet for these years. Even if he helped Lin Yan obtain a brand new identity and hide the past, there will always be what should come. Maybe they should leave China and stay here. It is too dangerous.

After a while, Wang Jingyang dialed the phone.

“Wang Jingyang, you said.”

” Have Lin Yan contacted you recently?” Wang Jingyang asked softly.

“We have always kept in touch. I talk to her almost every once in a while.”

“What’s the content of your call.”

“Most of it is her brother’s business.”

“To tell you one thing, Lin Yan went to do a paternity test, knowing that He Muyun is not her mother.”

Following Wang Jingyang’s voice After falling, there was a brief silence at the end of the conversation.

After a while, the man whispered on the phone: “Wang Jingyang, you really need to pay attention to it. There should be nothing wrong with the news on my intelligence network. Mu Family, Holy Land… and even a group of mysterious forces have found Lin Yan. , And even Muyu.”

“You don’t need to worry about Muyu.” Wang Jingyang frowned and pinched the center of his eyebrows.

“Wang Jingyang, you’d better protect her for me. I’m just a elder sister in my life. If she has an accident, we won’t be over.”

“Xiao Ze, don’t talk about anything else. I want to ask you something. Last time. Is there any problem with the Baihe who asked you to investigate.”

“Ordinary disciples in the Holy Land, there should be no problem. If the Holy Land really starts to move, Baihe is definitely not qualified to participate.”

“Your eldest brother Xiaoji and your second brother Xiaoyao, yes. No action…”

Wang Jingyang didn’t worry about Xiao Yao, as long as he was still the boss of San Zhong Xiao, Xiao Ji.

When the two were in the mountains and seas, who Xiao Ji was, he knew best in his heart. Although Wang Jingyang believed that Xiao Ji really liked Lin Yan, he did not necessarily have other purposes while he liked it.

When talking about Xiao Yao and Xiao Ji, there were sighs on the phone: “Wang Jingyang, you don’t know, my elder brother and second brother are incompatible with each other. I hardly participate in their affairs now, and there are no two in the intelligence network. Personal… But don’t worry, my eldest brother and second elder brother cannot have any other thoughts on Lin Yan.”

“Anyway, I plan to take Lin Yan out of China.” Wang Jingyang meditated for a moment.

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