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Chapter 1325 (The rest of my life is with you)

Lin Yan looked at Si Bai with a weird expression, whether this top was considered cheap and still selling well.

From an ordinary person to an evolutionary, he has a very powerful ability to evolve, but in the end he keeps saying that all this is not what he wants…

Lin Yan is eager to have Si Bai’s evolutionary ability, I am afraid that he can wake up in dreams. .

“You think it’s weird. I hate that woman because she has the evolutionary abilities that many people dream of.” Seeing Lin Yan’s strange expression, Si Bai said softly.

Hearing the sound, Lin Yan smiled, and said: “No, no…Everyone has different ideas. You don’t want to be an evolver. It’s normal not to have such abilities. It’s like, I don’t want to be a billionaire. As a result, someone forced to give me money… Of course I hate the person who gave me the money… That should be the case.”

Si Bai said, “I always feel that there is something wrong with your metaphor.”

Lin Yan: “…”

“About Lin Nuo, it should have something to do with the Hunter’s Guild. If you have access, you can inquire about it from the Hunter’s Guild. Of course, I can’t guarantee what you can find out.”

“The Hunter’s Guild?” Lin Yan thoughtfully. .

The information that Lin Yan himself got, Lin Nuo and the Hunter’s Guild seemed to have some involvement, but Lin Yan didn’t know the facts.

But one thing Lin Yan can be sure of is that Lin Nuo did not leave the Devil Head. The two should still have a deep connection. As for the relationship between Lin Nuo and the Devil Head, Lin Yan does not yet know.


Si Bai stared at Lin Yan for a long time, and then said with a puzzled face, “Why do you look like a devil?”

Hearing what Si Bai said, Lin Yan felt a little guilty. How should she answer?

As far as Lin Yan is concerned, it is very likely that the female demon in Sibai’s mouth is her sister.

The video in the dash cam is enough to illustrate the problem. If the devil is really her sister, the issue of appearance will make sense.

However, at this stage, Lin Yan is still not sure about it, and still needs to wait for the results of her and He Muyun’s paternity test.

If He Muyun is really not her biological mother, there are probably more things she needs to investigate. Maybe she really has something to do with that Mu family.

“I understand.”

Suddenly, Si Bai said, disrupting Lin Yan’s thoughts.

Lin Yan looked back at Si Bai and asked curiously: “What do you understand.”

“The looks of you and that woman.” Si Bai said.

Lin Yan frowned slightly, this top guessed that the devil was her sister, right?…

If the top really knew the relationship between the devil and her, he could not find the devil to avenge, would he? “Love the house and Wu”, count this hatred on her?

“You were caught in the laboratory when you were a child. With that female devil’s experimental technique, you can move your hands and feet casually to make you look like her. It shouldn’t be impossible.” Sibai said.

Lin Yan: “…” Is his imagination too rich?

“I think it’s like this in all likelihood.” Si Bai looked at Lin Yan: “Do you think it’s possible.”

“Yes, too much!” Lin Yan nodded quickly, you are right!

“But why did that woman do this, and what good is it for her?” Si Bai was lost in thought. He really couldn’t guess what the devil’s purpose was to change Lin Yan’s appearance.

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