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Chapter 1323 (The rest of my life is with you)

Lin Yan looked at Si Bai thoughtfully. If she and Si Bai changed their identities, she might not easily spare herself.

However, Lin Yan also had some doubts about what Si Bai said. Lin Yan did have some impression of what Si Bai said, but she couldn’t remember that she had treated Si Bai so cruelly.

According to Si Bai’s words, when she was in the laboratory, she didn’t do anything about people. Lin Yan felt that she should not be able to bully the weak.

“Do you remember the thing about running away with my head.” After a while, Si Bai said thoughtfully towards Lin Yan.

Lin Yan smiled awkwardly when he heard Si Bai’s words.

She may not remember other things clearly, but Lin Yan did not forget to escape from the laboratory by stepping on Si Bai’s head, but she never expected that the teenager who was stepped on her head was actually sitting opposite her at this moment. Si Bai.

“Si Bai…If it wasn’t for me to step on you back then, you…”

“How about me.” Si Bai looked at Lin Yan.

At this moment, Lin Yan was supporting his chin, and his brain was turning quickly. At least he had to find an excuse, otherwise he would appear too embarrassed.

“It’s okay, think slowly, I’ll wait for your sophistry.” Si Bai said.

“It’s not that I stepped on your head…Can you grow so tall now?” Lin Yan said.

Hearing the sound, Si Bai frowned. This quibble rhetoric was a bit too disrespectful to him.

“Sibai, I swear… I remember you, I am too impressed with you, I really did not expect that I will meet you in my lifetime… Well, you don’t know how guilty you are in your heart these years, I Worrying about you day and night, I’m afraid that because I couldn’t save you from leaving, you will suffer endlessly in the laboratory… That time I didn’t want to save you, it was indeed exhausted, and my hand slipped. , You believe me.” Lin Yan explained towards Si Bai.

Si Bai didn’t react to what Lin Yan said. After staring at Lin Yan for a while, he slowly said, “You just said that you have a deep impression of me.

I feel ashamed.” Just after Si’s vernacular, Lin Yan nodded and hurriedly said: “Yes, I’m so guilty, I don’t sleep well every night because I’m guilty, and how could I forget you, if it weren’t your head back then. Give me a bench and I can’t escape.”

“Oh, then you still have some conscience.” Sibai said.

“I have always been very conscientious.” Lin Yan nodded.

“That’s right.” Si Bai said lightly, “In that case, you should know what my name was when I was in the laboratory.”

As Si Bai’s voice fell, Lin Yan was slightly taken aback.

Immediately, Lin Yan lowered his head and began to recall.

After about a dozen breaths, Lin Yan raised his head again, staring at Si Bai with a pair of eyes, and said, “How could I have forgotten.”

“Tell me.”

Lin Yan racked his brains and finally remembered some familiar names. .

Lin Yan smiled and said, “Of course…you are called…Xiao Suhua!”

Seeing Si Bai’s face changed, Lin Yan immediately said, “Xiao Suhua, I didn’t expect it to be you… Do you know how much I worry about you all these years, Little Suihua, it’s great that you can live, and we will be my brothers and sisters in the future!”

Si Bai gave Lin Yan a deep look: “Little Suihua is a laboratory. Used to watch our fierce dogs.”

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