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Chapter 1322 (The rest of my life is with you)

“It seems that your memory is not so good.” Si Bai had no expression on his face, took a sip of coffee, and said: “The first time I was fighting with Lin Nuo, we met each other, you belonged to step in. Kicked me to the ground with my foot, and I broke a tooth.”

Lin Yan: “…”

“The second time, the laboratory issued snacks. After you and Lin Nuo finished eating, I asked for protection money and let me take all the snacks. Leave it to you, I don’t want to. You beat me again and took away my week’s snacks.”

Upon hearing the sound, Lin Yan’s mouth rose slightly, and he squeezed an unnatural smile: “Impossible, I am That kind of person?”

Si Bai took a sip of coffee: “At least you were this kind of person at that time.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Putting the cup on the table, Si Bai stared at Lin Yan and continued: “Shortly afterwards, I met a few friends who came to you for revenge. They never beat me. You kicked me around, beat me at noon, and you beat me again at night, oh, yes, Including several of my partners.”

Lin Yan: “…” Then, don’t you deserve it? You dare to organize a group to avenge you.

“That night, after hitting me, you threw a cruel word at me.” Sibai said.

“What cruel thing?” Lin Yan smiled with a guilty conscience.

“See me once, hit me once.”

Lin Yan frowned and frowned. Was she that ruthless when she was a child?

“Although the shortcomings of the suit make me very annoying, there is one thing I admire and admire.” Si Bai said.

Lin Yan straightened up: “What are the advantages?”

“You keep your promises, at least at that age, it’s a rare quality.” Si Bai stared at Lin Yan.

Hearing what Si Bai said, Lin Yan was relieved, at least he still had something that Si Bai admired. In this way, the relationship between them should not be very bad, and it is estimated that they have eased.

“Talk about it.” Lin Yan smiled.

Si Bai was silent for a moment, and then said after a long time: “You really saw me once and hit me once.”

Lin Yan looked at Si Bai who was sitting across from him, and didn’t know what to say for a while. He never thought of himself. It’s such a promise.

“However, Lin Nuo’s sister also helped me. If you really are Lin Nuo’s sister, the woman who beat me thirteen times, I don’t need to mind.” Sibai said.

“I helped you?” Lin Yan asked curiously.

“At least when I was beaten by someone else, you helped me out, I don’t know why, maybe you beat me to show feelings.”

Si Bai said.

“Look!” Lin Yan slapped the table: “I said there must be childhood friendship between us!”

“Friendship can’t be discussed.” Si Bai said: “You can only say that if you don’t fight, you should remember. , How did you escape from the laboratory.”

“How did you escape from the laboratory?” Lin Yan thought for a while, and subconsciously said: “I remember that the evolutionary ability of the experimental body was out of control. Taking advantage of the chaos, I forced a little boy To cooperate with me, I stepped on his head and turned over the wall…”

“Yeah.” Si Bai nodded, “I am the little boy whose head was stepped on by you.”

Without giving Lin Yan a chance, Si Bai continued. “Remember, I asked you to give me a hand and take me out… You pulled your brother Lin Nuo up, and when you pulled me, halfway through, you said you were weak and fell again I have a tooth.”

Lin Yan looked at Si Bai with a little sympathy, “You are so unlucky.”

Lin Yan didn’t really expect Si Bai to have such a bitter history.

“I was so unlucky after meeting your siblings.” Si Bai said blankly.

“But having said that, no matter what, we are also friends of life and death, right.” Lin Yan smiled.

Si Bai coldly snorted: “As long as you have a little conscience, you can’t say such things. Where is the life and death relationship, it is life for you to live, and death for me to die.”

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