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Chapter 1321 (The rest of my life is with you)

After leaving the hospital, Lin Yan contacted Si Bai and said that he was inviting Si Bai to eat.

At first, Si Bai directly rejected it, but in the end Lin Yan changed his words to be related to the devil head, and Si Bai agreed.

To be honest, although he had misunderstood Si Bai before, Lin Yan was frightened when he saw Si Bai. Fortunately, the misunderstanding had been clearly explained.

At this moment, Si Bai looked at Lin Yan intently. After a long time, Si Bai said: “

Lin Nuo…” Lin Yan nodded, “Yes, Lin Nuo, do you have an impression?”

“There seems to be some. After Si Bai was silent for a moment, he said to Lin Yan.

As Si Bai’s voice fell, Lin Yan suddenly came to his mind, and grabbed Si Bai’s arm: “Can you tell me?”

Si Bai stared at Lin Yan’s right hand holding his arm, and said blankly: “Please respect yourself. “

Lin Yan let go of Si Bai with some embarrassment, and whispered: “Then can you tell me?”

Si Bai sat up straight, took a deep breath, and said, “Actually, there is nothing I can’t say.”

Lin Yan Yan: “…” Say it quickly!

“Of course, I don’t know if Lin Nuo and I know you are the same person. If so, Lin Nuo, whom I knew many years ago, and his sister were arrested in the laboratory. It is said that Lin Nuo’s My sister escaped, and Lin Nuo became the perfect experimental subject, and later disappeared.” Si Bai looked at Lin Yandao.

Without giving Lin Yan a chance to speak, Si Bai looked at Lin Yan thoughtfully: “Lin Nuo…Lin Yan…couldn’t you be the girl who escaped from the laboratory?”

Lin Yan: “… “

see the forest silence smoke, white brow Division Weicu:”? really “

Lin Yan had nothing to conceal about this incident. He simply nodded and admitted: “Yes, it’s me.”

Si Bai’s pair of eyes stared at Lin Yan, “Yes?”

Lin Yan said inexplicably, “This is true.” What lie to you…” At

this point, Lin Yan frowned slightly, and looked at Si Bai with some guilty conscience: “Wait…you are not one of the children locked up with us…”

“What do you mean.” Sibai said.

Upon hearing the sound, Lin Yan felt a guilty conscience.

Lin Yan and his younger brother Lin Nuo were not the only two in the laboratory back then. Lin Yan had at least dozens of people in his impression, ranging from sixteen to seven years old and as young as four or five years old.

During the days in the laboratory, Lin Yan beat many people of the same age, and even many subjects older than her.

If Si Bai in front of him was also one of those children, would she be beaten by her?

So, do they have grudges…

“We do n’t have grudges… Well, Si Bai, if you were beaten by me, it’s actually nothing. Children are not sensible. It’s normal to fight and fight. There is no need to beat you up for a meal. As for me, it’s been so many years, our situation should be bigger.” Lin Yan smiled at Si Bai.

Si Bai listened to Lin Yan quietly, touched the tip of his nose subconsciously, and immediately said to Lin Yan: “It was indeed beaten by

Lin Nuo’s sister.” Lin Yan: “…” How do you say something? Then, if there is no coincidence, the book will be narrow.

“It’s just a beating…” Lin Yan smiled.

“I was beaten thirteen times by Lin Nuo’s sister.” Si Bai stared at Lin Yan.

When Si’s vernacular voice fell, the smile on Lin Yan’s face was a little stiff.

She beat Sibai thirteen times in the laboratory?

How could this be possible, she didn’t even have the impression that if Si Bai was telling the truth, how much he owed him, she could beat him cruelly for thirteen times.

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