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Chapter 1320 (The rest of my life is with you)

He Muyun pondered for a moment, and then smiled: “Mom was not as easy as your younger siblings when giving birth to you.”

“Why?” Lin Yan asked casually.

“At that time, the family’s conditions were not good, and the life was very difficult… Mom didn’t have the money to go to the hospital when you gave birth, and didn’t dare let your grandfather know…” He Muyun explained to Lin Yan.

Hearing what He Muyun said, Lin Yan nodded slightly, don’t give He Muyun a deep look.

Therefore, the dog-blood bridge she had previously speculated was unlikely to happen.

Lin Yan thought before, if he held the wrong child while in the hospital, now it seems that it is definitely not.

Mother He Muyun said that she was at home when she gave birth, and the midwife she invited…

He Muyun was unprepared and just wanted to find an excuse to get over.

If it was Lin Yan’s carelessness, perhaps he would have believed it, but this excuse may not work if he is deliberately tentative.

But at least one thing is certain, she could never have been wrongly taken in the hospital.

“Mom, I was delivered at home? Why have you never said that?” Lin Yan continued.

He Muyun paused, his expression was normal, and said, “What’s there to say…”

Lin Yan didn’t get too entangled in this topic, and the conversation changed: “Mom, I might have news about my brother. “

As Lin Yan’s voice fell, He Muyun’s smile suddenly froze, and excitedly grabbed Lin Yan’s hand: “Really…Is there really news from your brother?”

Lin Yan did have his brother Lin Nuo. News, but there are still many things that need to be confirmed by her.

What happened to Lin Nuo, what kind of relationship it had with the Hunter’s Guild, and what kind of relationship did it have with the devil? Lin Yan currently has no idea about this.

It’s just that when she was in the prison of the Hunter’s Guild, someone had told her that the Devil and the President of the Hunter’s Guild had collusion.

In the final video of the dash cam, it was the devil who drove to the prison with her unconscious, and contacted her brother Lin Nuo.

Lin Yan had a momentary hypothetical conjecture, whether there was such a possibility that Lin Nuo became a perfect test object like Si Bai in the lab of the devil back then, but all of this is still unknown, but Lin Yan’s wishful thinking is nothing more.

Leaving He Muyun’s residence, Lin Yan took a taxi to the hospital.

First, I went to see my grandfather who had almost recovered, then Lin Yan went to the hospital’s inspection department and handed He Muyun’s hair over.

Whether you are He Muyun’s child or not, scientific testing is the most straightforward method, and it is much more reliable than guessing there.

Now, Lin Yan thinks there are only so few possibilities.

The first is that he is indeed He Muyun’s child, and he has met a group of lunatics. What Mu’s words are all lunatics.

The second type is that he is still He Muyun’s child, but his mother He Muyun or father Lin Yuetong may have other identities, such as a member of the Mu family, the devil is also their child…

But these two Possibly, Lin Yan felt it was very nonsense and unrealistic.

And the last possibility is that she is not the child of He Muyun and Lin Yuetong at all. It is possible that she was adopted by her mother and did not tell the truth to her.

But no matter what the result is, you need to wait for the DNA identification results to come out, otherwise, no matter how much you think about it, it will be empty talk.

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