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Chapter 1319 (The rest of my life is with you)

The paternity test can indeed explain the problem, and Lin Yan also believes that his mother He Muyun will not lie to her.

It’s just… All the memories of He Muyun raising her alone, Lin Yan couldn’t remember a single trace.

If she is really not the child of He Muyun and Lin Yuetong, then who is she, Mu Yan?

What’s going on with that Mu’s family?

Why would Mu Yan become Lin Yan and be brought up by He Muyun?

Not only that, why did He Muyun lie to her?

In addition to the information related to her own life experience, what shocked her most was the news of her younger brother.

After searching for so many years, I couldn’t find any clues, but I heard my brother’s name in this video, and I can even be sure that my brother is still alive in this world…

From the surveillance, we can see that what happened was that someone in Mu’s family did not. I hoped that she would go back to take over as the Patriarch, so she sent someone to chase her. The Demon Head rescued her and threw her to the prison of the Hunter Guild, allowing her to escape the chase.

——”Linnuo, I will take someone to your place. You will know it once you go, the sister you miss.”

And, from this sentence, it can be judged that Xiao Nuo is in the Hunter’s Guild prison! ?

Why is Xiao Nuo in that place?

But she didn’t see Xiao Nuo in the prison at the time…

At that time, she just wanted to leave and didn’t notice anything else at all.

At this moment, Lin Yan’s thoughts were a little confused, and what happened to her was incomprehensible.

In the past, Lin Yan had never doubted his identity, but now he has other ideas.

Lin Yan’s love for her mother He Muyun can be vividly remembered. These loves will not be false. If they are false, it is impossible to get along with her for so many years without any flaws. She would not believe what He Muyun has for her. the goal of.

But if He Muyun is really not her biological mother, what is going on… Could it be that he was born in the wrong way?

If you hold it wrong, is it too bloody? This bridge is already old.

Half an hour later, Lin Yan drove to He Muyun’s residence.

Pay attention to the public account: book friends base camp, pay attention to send cash and coins!

Inside, He Muyun was cooking while wearing an apron, and the sound of a range hood came from the kitchen accompanied by bursts of meat aroma.

“Why are you buying so many things again? I have everything at home.”

He Muyun said softly as he watched the big and small bags that Lin Yan brought back.

“Mom, what is it to burn, it smells good.” Lin Yan moved his nose slightly and looked towards the kitchen.

“Boiled pork belly with bean sprouts.” He Muyun smiled.

“When can I eat?”

“It will be done in a while.”

He Muyun put a few pieces of meat in Lin Yan’s bowl at the dinner table: “Are you busy with work lately? Pay more attention to rest, I think You are all thinner.”

Lin Yan squeezed his chin and said casually: “As long as you are a mother, no matter how fat your children are, you must say after you get home, eat more and you will lose weight.” The

two chatted for a long time, congratulations. Mu Yun suddenly said: “Work is important, but you are not young anymore… Do you and your boyfriend plan to get married when? If you have time, take it home and show it to your mom.”

Lin Yan coughed lightly. “Mom, we are still young, so don’t worry… Besides, we have to have children when we get married. It’s terrible.”

Hearing the sound, He Muyun glanced at Lin Yan: “Nonsense, when I gave birth to your sister and your brother…”

Before He Muyun finished speaking, Lin Yan curled his lips: “Mom, if you dare to love you, you gave birth to two. Boy, I’m not the one who picked it up from the trash can.”

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