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Word of Honor (2021) 山河令

Word of Honor (2021)
Other Title: 山河令, Tian Ya Ke, Faraway Wanderers, 天涯客, Shan He Ling, A Tale of the Wanderers, Shānhé Lìng, Shanhe Ling, A Tale of the Wanderers

Genres: Adventure, Friendship, Historical, Mystery, Wuxia
Cheng Zhi Chao, Ma Hua Gan, Li Hong Yu
Xiao Chu
Release Date: 
Feb 22, 2021
Related Show:
Tian Ya Ke (天涯客) by Priest (adapted from the online novel “The End of the World”)


  • Zhang Zhe Han as Zhou Zishu
  • Gong Jun as Wen Kexing
  • Zhou Ye as Gu Xiang
  • Ma Wen Yuan as Cao Weining
  • Supporting
  • Guo Jia Hao as Shen Shen
  • Huang You Ming as Ye Baiyi
  • Sun Xi Lun as Zhang Chengling
  • Zhao Qian as Du Pusa
  • Guo Yun Fei as Duan Pengju
  • Ke Nai Yu as Liu Qianqiao
  • Wang Ruo Lin as Zhao Jing
  • Liu Han Yang
  • Chen Zi Han as Xi Sang Ghost

Zhou Zi Shu gets embroiled in a conspiracy in the martial arts world after quitting his job as the leader of an organization tasked with protecting royalty. He meets Wen Ke Xing, a mysterious martial artist who escapes from the Ghost Valley to avenge his parents’ deaths. They become fast friends and embark on an adventure to find a legendary treasure that will give its owner ultimate power over jianghu.

This play tells the story of the skylight leader Zhou Zishu (played by Zhang Zhehan) who quit the organization at the expense of his life in order to seek freedom, and soon meets Wen Kexing (played by Gong Jun), the master of the Valley of Ghosts, who is devastated. Getting involved in conflicts and getting acquainted with each other eventually became a story of mutual salvation. A conspiracy, two confidants, five pieces of treasure puzzle, twenty years of grievances, thousands of years of dreams.

Shanhe Ling – The original novel “The End of the World” under the banner of two male protagonists, is actually about the non-opposite love relationship between the two male protagonists in the process of walking the rivers and lakes. Such novels were able to be put on the shelves on a large scale back then, and indeed there is a very good female market. However, in the past two years, this type of content has begun to face more stringent review, and the chance of listing has become very slim. Many TV dramas that are good at adapting such novels have also avoided. “The End of the World” was finally renamed “The Order of Mountains and Rivers”, which may have the meaning of avoiding the original novel.

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