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Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo Episode 1 – 2 Preview

Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo ももいろ あんずいろ さくらいろ Episode 1 – 2 Preview

IntroductionMomoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo ももいろ あんずいろ さくらいろ
Anzu and Yuka, who work at the same company, are best friends. When Kyou was drunk and vomiting at a drinking party …, she was seen by an unknown handsome guy! The day after I left the place to escape, I met again at the company! It was a half of two rumored handsome new employees …!

What is the end of the “Ikenai Square Relationship” that opened the curtain? A slightly H and sweet and sour “Momo Kyun” love story

Episode 1

Anzu Kawakami (Makoto Okunaka) and Yuka Negishi (Yuka Suzuki) are colleagues and best friends of the company. Kyou steals the eyes and vomits after drinking too much instead of Yuka who does not want to drink at the in-house BBQ party. It was Kyou who was disappointed to see such a place by a handsome man.

The next day, I met a handsome guy at the company again. He was a new employee, Tetsuya Kuroda (Takumi Kizu). Kyou is staring at Tetsuya. Furthermore, Tetsuya is forcibly approaching …! ?? However, Kyou knows that Yuka is aiming for Tetsuya …

And another handsome new employee, Sho Ando (Hiroki Nakahara), has been acquainted with Tetsuya since high school and has been burning his rivalry.

Meanwhile, Kyou gets sick when she sees Tetsuya and Yuka hugging each other in the reference room. When Sho invites me to go on a date …!

Episode 2

After spending the night with Tetsuya (Takumi Kizu), Kyou Kawakami (Makoto Okunaka) was worried about the vague attitude that he never said “like”. Moreover, Sho Ando (Hiroki Nakahara), who couldn’t give up on such an apricot, told him that “Tetsuya is not sincere to women” and suddenly kissed him …!

On the other hand, Yuka Negishi confessed to Tetsuya, “I want you to go out with me.” However, it is overlooked that he is angry with Kyou who prioritizes Tetsuya over his best friend. “Tetsuya is different from a man who only looks at the surface …”, Yuka, who really fell in love with him, declares war on Kyou!

Kyou heads to his mansion to check Tetsuya’s feelings directly. At that time, Tetsuya was at his favorite bar. When Tetsuya and Master Dai Masada (Taketoyo Kiya) are talking, a beautiful woman comes next to Tetsuya …! The second episode where the ikenai square relationship accelerates rapidly!

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