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Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo (2021) ももいろ あんずいろ さくらいろ

Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo (2021)
Other Title: ももいろ あんずいろ さくらいろ, Momoiro Anzuiro Sakuro

Genres: drama, romance

ABC TV (Kansai), TV Kanagawa
Release Date:
Feb 21, 2021 – Mar 28, 2021
Related Show:
Adapted from a manga of the same name.


  • Okunaka Makoto as Kawakami Anzu
  • Suzuki Yuuka as Negishi Yuka
  • Kizu Takumi as Kuroda Tetsuya
  • Takada Riho as Maruyama Tamaki
  • Odai Ryohei as Gen Shinji
  • Kyan Yutaka as Masada Dai

Anzu Kawakami (Makoto Okunaka) and Yuka Negishi (Yuka Suzuki) are colleagues and best friends of the company. Kyou steals the eyes and vomits after drinking too much on behalf of Yuka who does not want to drink at the in-house BBQ party. It was Kyou who was disappointed to see such a place by a handsome man.

The next day, I met a handsome guy at the company. He was a new employee, Tetsuya Kuroda (Takumi Kizu). Kyou is staring at Tetsuya. Furthermore, Tetsuya is forcibly approaching …! ?? However, Kyou knows that Yuka is aiming for Tetsuya … And another handsome new employee, Sho Ando (Hiroki Nakahara), has been acquainted with Tetsuya since high school and has been burning his rivalry.

Meanwhile, Kyou gets sick when she sees Tetsuya and Yuka hugging each other in the reference room.

Anzu Kawakami(Kawakami Apricot) (24)/ Makoto Okunaka
Third year of office worker. Yuka’s best friend. A little clumsy personality that puts himself behind because he only cooperates with his friends. I thought Tetsuya was a forcible and disgusting person, but I was attracted to him …

Tetsuya Kuroda(Kurodate Tsuya) (22)/ Takumi Kizu
New employee. Apricot’s junior. There are many straightforward remarks, but the roots are easy. Although he approaches Kyou forcibly, he does not give a word of “like”. The trauma of the past is involved ..

Yuka Negishi(Negishi Yuka) (24)/ Yuka Suzuki
Third year of office worker. Kyou’s best friend and colleague. She is a popular girl, and she does her best to live comfortably. I fell in love with Tetsuya and asked Kyou for help. However, the real intention is different …!

Sho Ando(Ando call) (22)/ Hiroki Nakahara(Zero PLANET)
New employee. Tetsuya’s best friend and colleague. In contrast to Tetsuya, he has a gentle and sociable personality. He secretly sees Tetsuya, who has a long-standing relationship, as a rival. Favor Kyou!

Maruyama Tamaki(Maruyama Maki) (27)/ Riho Takada
Dispatched to Kyou’s company as a freelance designer with a great job. Actually, I used to have a relationship with Tetsuya …!

Shinji Gen(Shinji Minamoto) (47)/ Ryohei Odai(Junretsu)
Kyou’s boss. I have a child. A reliable boss who always seems to be playful and is actually considerate of his subordinates. When you get drunk, the 18th song pops out.

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