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The Three Kingdoms Era

The Three Kingdoms Era (Novel)
Other Name: 三国大时代

Genre: novel, history
Author: Fox Sword Fairy
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The Eastern Han Dynasty, the world is in chaos Heroes from all walks of life wanted to aspire to the Central Plains. At this time, Shen Yue came across from modern times and became the wanted traitor among the population. Although he was a small well-known detective in the previous life, he was only a high school student in the final analysis. Faced with the current situation, if he waited to die, there was only a dead end. In order to save his life, he decided to rise up and resist, but he accidentally changed history and became a vassal of the separatist side.

Free Reading Highlights:
Suddenly, Shen Yue raised his head slightly to look at the dawn that is about to break in the distance, and gently closed his eyes, but his two smart ears moved slightly like antennas from time to time, as if he was listening carefully.



Suddenly, a heart-piercing horse hissing sounded behind the Yellow Turban army. Everyone looked at it and saw a figure driving the tall horse straight towards the Yellow Turban army. Come out.

Without a trace of hesitation or slowing down, the horses rushed straight to the position of the Yellow Turbans, rushing the outermost group of Yellow Turbans more than ten meters away, flying onto the beams, in the camp, or vomiting blood to death. , Or fell to the ground, rushing away from the Yellow Turban army alive, and quickly came to Shen Yue.

“Shen Daochang, get on the horse!”

Accompanied by the figure on the horseback shouting angrily, Shen Yue did not have time to think about it, and immediately used his last strength to help the girl on the horseback, to the front of the man, and then quickly through the man The strength is flying.


Accompanied by an angry shout, the man suddenly pinched the horse’s stomach, and the horse under him made a long hiss. He actually carried the three people of Shen Yue, over the heavy yellow turban army, and jumped up and out of the fire.

The yellow turban soldiers who remained in the fire field looked at the raging fire on the periphery and the figures of the three gradually moving away. In a pair of eyes, there were either full of sadness, or infinite fear, or full of Anger and hatred, or unspeakable complexity

Following the three figures of Shen Yue, on the sheep farm trail heading to the county town of Xiangyang, the three of them galloped swiftly. Only three figures can be seen flying on the trail, and they can’t see clearly sitting on their horses and sweating. Foaming at the mouth.

I don’t know how long it has been running, sitting at the back of Shen Yue tightly on the back of his predecessors, with the blood constantly draining, I only feel that everything in front of me is gradually blurred, a little bit of darkness is coming down, and the sun is bright. The earth had been covered long ago, but Shen Yue only saw darkness, and gradually blurred everything.

In the late autumn of September, the weather should be cool. It was supposed to be a comfortable and cool season, but I don’t know why, a sudden piercing cold wind blew, and pieces of snowflakes gradually floated in the sky.

Along with a snowflake falling on Shen Yue’s body, Shen Yue’s last stubborn strength was dispelled, only feeling that everything had disappeared, and his body couldn’t stop lifting backwards.

The cold wind howled, Ling Ling was like a knife, and the knife pierced into the bone, making it difficult to move.

In the cold wind, white snowflakes kept falling from the sky, falling onto the vast ground, turning into pieces of cold ice flowers.

However, after a short time, there was a thick layer of ice on the surface of the small river, and a sharp sword was suddenly inserted under the ice layer, but it could not be inserted half way. It shows how hard the ice layer is and how screaming cold wind is.冽.

On the edge of the ice river, the heavy snow buried the figure of a young man deeply. It was Shen Yue who had just fallen under the horse. Through the layers of wind and snow, he could vaguely see the piece of land on his body. The Yin Hong.

For a long time, for a long time, I don’t know how long it has passed, and with a creaking sound of snowflakes, that figure, Shen Yue’s body actually straightened up slowly.

What is even more incredible is that as he got up, the blood on the ground flowed into his body like magic, and the wounds on his body healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye, but the moment of effort disappeared completely. Without a trace.

After waiting, Shen Yue finally straightened up, and saw him holding his head with difficulty, looking around with a pair of blurred and confused eyes.

“Where is this place, I clearly remember that I am still in the process of investigating the murder, and what is this on me?” Shen Yue looked at his hands with doubts, and then looked at himself carefully. Dress.

Wearing an ancient yellow Taoist robe with a piece of Hetian Meiyu around his waist, he is slender, with white skin and a vague ice surface. You can see his face, with a hint of a young scholar between his brows.

“Uh-” There was a sudden pain in my mind, and a series of information rushed into my mind. From the intuition and sobriety of a detective, Shen Yue instantly sorted out his current situation.

First of all, the current Shen Yue is no longer the original Shen Yue in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. From the timeline, the current Shen Yue is actually a famous detective from more than a thousand years later, in the process of pursuing a serial murder. In, inexplicably crossed into this world, and the soul came to this young man with the same name.

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