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Chapter 15 It Is Too Hard to Suppress

“Brother…” Pei Nanxu pushed the door and addressed Pei Yucheng as he strode in.

He was wearing a set of comfortable loungewear, and there was a warm, gentle smile on his handsome face. He was literally sparkling!

Lin Yan felt as though all the light in the world had converged and landed upon this man at that moment.

This was the first time she was seeing Pei Nanxu wearing such casual clothes and the first time she was seeing how amiable he was.

Although Pei Nanxu always portrayed a gentle and friendly image in public, Lin Yan could sense that, amidst that gentleness, he was distant, aloof, and unapproachable.

To his fans, he was like an elusive God in the celestial realm.

However, when Pei Nanxu walked in, she seemed to catch a glimpse of the elusive God descending to the mortal world.

“Miss Lin.” Pei Nanxu saw her and nodded slightly at her in greeting.

However… As soon as Pei Nanxu’s eyes moved away from Pei Yucheng, the gentleness in them vanished and he transformed back into the polite yet distant and aloof man she was familiar with.

This was enough for Lin Yan to feel overwhelmed by favor.

This was the first time she had spoken to Pei Nanxu in such close proximity.

Lin Yan was dumbfounded for some time before she sputtered, “Mr. Pei… Hello…”

When she greeted him, her eyes couldn’t help but land on Pei Nanxu again.

It was too hard to suppress her emotions. After all, she was a loyal fan who had finally met her beloved idol…

However… Lin Yan soon felt a sense of foreboding.

The eyes of the man beside her gleamed maliciously and coldly behind the lens. His long fingers were slightly bent as he gently tapped on the couch. “Is he good-looking?”

These mere words made Lin Yan instantly feel as though a rush of coldness had crept up from her spine to her skull.

Should she confirm that he was good-looking?

She had done something disrespectful to this man the previous night. If she turned around and praised another man for being good-looking now, wouldn’t it be tantamount to cheating on Pei Yucheng?

Furthermore, she wasn’t sure if this was an illusion. Pei Yucheng may look refined, polite, and really gentle, but she still felt nervous around him.

What if she were to say that he wasn’t good-looking?

How could she lie and say that her idol wasn’t good-looking?

This question was bound to get her killed either way!

In that instant, Lin Yan’s mind was whirling so rapidly that she seemed to use up her entire lifetime of brain power. She inhaled deeply and said, “Good… Good-looking!”

Lin Yan swiftly added, “There is no doubt that an award-winning actor is good-looking. After all, he is Mr. Pei’s younger brother! How could he possibly not be good-looking?”

When Pei Yucheng heard her, the malice in his eyes dissipated gradually and transformed into amusement.

Lin Yan finally found a chance to ask. “That… Can I just ask a question? How did I end up here yesterday night? I remember being at a roadside stall and eating…”

Pei Nanxu was a little surprised. “You can’t remember?”

Wasn’t she the one who had asked him to bring her here?

Lin Yan shook her head, looking perplexed. “I really can’t remember…”

Without waiting for Pei Nanxu to speak, Pei Yucheng interjected mildly. “You were drunk and you were lying unconscious by the roadside. We didn’t manage to get your address, so we brought you back here.”

Pei Nanxu had no idea why his brother was lying to Lin Yan. However, since he had said so, he most certainly wouldn’t expose him.

Pei Nanxu nodded hurriedly and chimed in. “Yeah.”

So that was what had happened! How embarrassing!

“Thank you! Thank you both!” Lin Yan hastily thanked them.

Pei Yucheng was so kind and helpful, yet she had done such an atrocious thing to him. She was really worse than a beast!

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