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Takeuchi Ryoma no Satsukyu (2020) 竹内涼真の撮休

Takeuchi Ryoma no Satsukyu
Other Title: Takeuchi Ryoma no Satsukyu, 竹内涼真の撮休, akeuchi Ryoma Filming Break, Ryoma Takeuchi’s Filming Break

Genres: drama
8 episodes


Release Date: 
Related Show:


  • Ryoma Takeuchi
  • Eiko Koike
  • Kiyohiko Shibukawa
  • Ryoko Fujino

Takeuchi Ryoma suddenly gets a break from filming dramas and movies and visits a spice shop. After he tells the female owner that he wants to make a spice curry, she coaches him on the spices. The two of them end up making curry together. Then a man (Shibukawa Kiyohiko) arrives at the shop all of a sudden.

Ryoma Takeuchi, a popular actor who lives a busy life. How does he spend his sudden holidays during the filming of dramas and movies, commonly known as “shooting holidays”? The creators inflate their delusions and draw the unknown “off figure” of Takeuchi, and Takeuchi himself plays it. The second omnibus drama in the “Shooting Holiday” series, which was broadcast from March to May 2020 and followed the popular “Shooting Holiday of Arimura Kazumi”, has started!

Ryoma Takeuchi shows remarkable performance, such as playing an agent of an intelligence organization in “The Sun Does Not Move”, which was visualized in conjunction with dramas and movies. The director of this film, which depicts Takeuchi’s filming break, is Ryuichi Hiroki, who is said to be a master of romance movies, and has worked on numerous films such as the movies “It’s Boring Here” and “April Bride”.

Eiji Uchida, who directed “The Naked Director,” and Kana Matsumoto, an active Keio University student who works on movies, dramas, and MVs. Rin Shuto, a young director and screenwriter who will be the first challenge in the drama, will be in charge of the script for the first episode. In addition, unique scriptwriters such as Takeshi Takemura, who worked on the composition of the drama “Takayuki Yamada’s Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo”, Peyanne Maki, who will continue to participate in the previous work, and Mitsuhiko Fujiki, gathered. Pay attention to the eight stories created by the creators!

Sudden shooting suspension. Ryoma Takeuchi visits a spice shop to make curry. There was a beautiful shopkeeper, Kaoru (Eiko Koike). While Kaoru was instructing spices, he unexpectedly decided to make curry together. Ryoma Takeuchi, who is somewhat defenseless and has a close sense of distance. Then suddenly a man (Kiyohiko Shibukawa) came to the store …

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