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Dream Team

Dream Team
Other Title: ドリームチーム, Dream Team

Genres: Drama, Sports
Masuda Shizuo (増田靜雄), Doi Shohei (土井祥平)
Yoshizawa Tomoko
Release Date: 
Jan, 2021
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  • Yamaguchi Sayaka as Enoki Kana
  • Zaizen Naomi as Tsuruga Yuko
  • Sakuraba Nanami as Mishirosawa Akane
  • Maekawa Yasuyuki as Enoki Keigo
  • Nemoto Maharu as Enoki Tamaki
  • Ibu Masato as Ando Shoji
  • Yo Kimiko as Ando Yoshie

Former members of a high school basketball club gathered at a farewell party for teacher, Ando Shoji. Among them were three former captains with an aura of misfortune. Each of them had just encountered a bad event and ridiculed themselves, claiming that their “peak was in high school”. Upon hearing that, Shoji’s wife, Yoshie, decided to invite them to live at the basketball dormitory. Along with the three ladies are Shoji, Shoji’s son, and Kana’s daughter. The six people begin to live together. Will the ladies be able to find the opportunity to change their lives?

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