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Cultivation Dad

Cultivation Dad (Manga)
Other Name: 修真奶爸

Genres: manga
Qing Ting Animation
Related Show:

“Daddy Cultivation” is a web comic serialized by Qing Ting Animation. The comic tells the story of the demon xietian who is the only one in the world. Not only does it broadcast live male and female boys in the demon king election, but also loses the position of the demon king! Having fallen to the bottom of his life, he decided to smash the pot and take his 3-year-old son Duo Duo to the heir ceremony of the Righteous Immortal League, the leader of the righteous way-to snatch relatives! Is the kid’s father—? ! Bai Jing, who took the initiative to be snatched from his relatives: Don’t even think about leaving since you are here. I want children as adults. Xie Tian, ​​who took the initiative to grab relatives: Finished the marriage? Yes, but let’s talk about who is on it first!

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