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Ai Concubine, Your Knife Is Off

Ai Concubine, your knife fell (Manga)
Other Name: 爱妃,你的刀掉了

Genres: manga
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“Ai Concubine, Your Knife Is Off” is a web comic serialized by BULG-MA+BABCOOK+RAISON. The comic tells the story of the famous assassin Jin Xuan, nicknamed “Yan Luo”, one day he received a huge order, and the client was actually the Emperor Xuan Jing of Sheng Guo? And the content enters the palace to play the favored concubine as the bait for the spy… Jin Xuan: “I refused at the time, but he gave too much money… But the’bait’ can eat people~” Emperor Xuan Jing: “Ai Concubine… can we hide the knife first when we talk ruthlessly?”

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