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Chapter 3 Brother Made An Exception

In the monitoring room, Su Qimo carefully looked at the gloomy face of Su Lengmo. His eyes rolled, and then kept coming up with bad ideas..

Tang Yao did not mind calling the pimp;that was to say, she wouldn’t mind having a one-night stand.

His elder brother was so abstinentthat he couldn’t bear to see him live like this anymore, so maybe he could do him a favor.

Su Qimo laughed weirdly, whichattracted Su Lengmo tolook at him, and then he coveredhis mouth immediately.

”Brother, let me fix that.”

Su Qimo pointed to the door and then slipped out in a second.

He stopped the manager and the five or six strong men behind him at the door of Tang Yao’s room, waving to them and told them to leave. And then he pulled the manager aside and whisper a few words in his ears.

The manager suspiciously looked at Su Qimo and felt a little hesitant.

”Manager Cheng, my older brother is now in your monitoring room. The woman inside is who he loves. If you help him get the woman, you would no longer be an insignificantmanager. He can make you the boss of the whole bar.”

Su Qimo said.

The manager was still hesitant.

”Manager Cheng, there are millions of people wantingto work for the Su family. If you don’t do it, then I can go find someone else, but by then ,don’t say that I didn’t give you the offer.”

After that, Su Qimo was about to leave but washeld by the manager.

”Master, I will do it right away.”

”That’s my man.”

Su Qimo returned to the monitoring roomin rathergood mood.

Su Lengmo indifferentlytook a look at him, and then continued to stare at the woman who was drinking on the screen.

Looking at her drinking one after another, Su Lengmo could not help but frown.

”Brother, this woman of Gu Shaoze is a real stunner.”

Su Qimo touched his chin and praised.

Look at her: oval face,big eyes, small mouth likes cherry, small but high nose, beautiful white skin,and withaheight of nearly five feet seven,andthe boobs look like … D cup. This is the face of an angel, while the body of the devil. No wonder she would make his brother, who is almost never get close to a woman, havea crush on her.

Having Such a beautiful wife , Gu Shaoze could still have an affair. What an idiot!

Su Lengmo lightly swept overhim again.

Su Qimo tightened his neck and made a zipper posture on his mouth.

Su Leng turned back and continued to look at the screen.

On the screen, the manager was pushingthe cart in.

”Good evening, ladies, I am the manager of this bar. I am sorry that the gigolo you want has already been booked. As compensation, I bring two of the bestbottles of whiskey in the store, and I hope that you can forgive us.”

Manager Cheng put the whiskeys on the table andsaidto them apologetically.

Sun Meng glaredat the manager and was about to rage, butshe was dragged by Tang Yao.”Thank you.” Tang Yao said.

”Ms, thank you very much for your understanding, I wish you have a good time. If there’s nothing that you need me todo, I will go out first.”


When the manager left, Tang Yao took the wine and opened it and poured it into her glass.

”Come on, drink with me.”

Tang Yao said.

Sun Meng gavehera dirty look, but still heldup the wine she had not drinked up, and clinked glasses with her.

Tang drank it up directly with her head up. She felt that it was not enough,so she picked up the whole bottle and drank it. At the end, she felt a little drunk. All the things that she went through with Gu Shaoze started to recreate in her mind, like the projector.

Her meeting with Gu Shaoze was a bit like a cheesy soap opera. On the first day of college, she was dragging her baggage on the road, but someone robbed it. At that time, Gu Shaoze ran into her, so he helped her chasethe robberand took her baggage back from him.

Gu Shaoze at that time was in white shirt and trousers, hada slender figureandhandsome lookwithquite fairskin. It seemedthat hewasshining out a dazzling light in the sun. From then on, she could no longer be attracted byany other boy.

After that, in order to make herself worthy for him, she worked so hard and learned several languages and then went to work in his company.

On several occasions, in order to help the company to get a contract of huge profit, she forced herself to drink two bottles of Maotai at the negotiating table. Finally, moved by her courage, the cooperative company signed the contract with her. However,she ended upgetting into the hospital because of stomach perforation.


There was too much wonderful memory beloinging toGu Shaoze and her, so it wasso unbearable when she knew that he cheated on her.

Tang Yao drankmore and more, and finally,completely got drunk.

”Sun Meng, if I couldbe transported back intime, I don’t want to meet with Gu Shaoze back then, it hurts to much.”

Tang Yao held a glass of wine in one hand, pointedat the air withanother andkeptspeakingsomething drunkenly.

Sun Meng also drank a lot, but there was still a trace of senseinher. She held Tang Yao in her arms, patting her gently.

”It will be all right after a sound sleep.”

”No, nosleeping, let’s drink.”

Tang Yao broke loose from her hug, took the bottle and then continued to drink. She burped with satisfaction and then passed out. The bottle in her hand fell to the ground, and the wine in the bottle flowed out.

”This silly girl actually fell asleep, OK, I’ll sleep too.”

Sun Meng pointed atTang Yao, let out a smile, andfinallyfeeling drowsy, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

In the monitoring room, Su Lengmo was staring at Tang Yao who was drunk and unconscious. Then he suddenly got up and left without saying a word.

Su Qimo laughed slyly, following behind him.

”Brother, you send Ms. Tang back home. I will be responsible for the other lady. I promise, I’ll not touch her.”

Standing in the Tangyao’sroom, Su Qimo repeatedly guaranteed with two fingers up.

Su Lengmo did not say a word, and immediately held up Tang Yao. Sun Meng lost her supporting point, almost falling off the sofa.

Su Qimo held her immediately, preventing Sun from crashing to the table.

”Brother, please be gentle. Go easy on the lady.”

”Send her home, don’t do anything else on her.”

After enjoining him, Su Lengmo held Tang Yao and strode out of the bar.

Su Qimo curled his lips and went to embrace Sun. Unexpectedly, he was directly punched on the nose by Sun Meng.


Su Qimo felt so painful and covered his nose in a second. His tears almost came out.

Sitting in the car, Su Lengmo said to the driver in front, “Lao Lin, drive to Jingxin Garden.”

”Okay, master.”

Then the driver started the engine.

Su Lengmo’s black suit looked extraordinarily serious in the confined space inside the car. But looking at the woman who wasalready drunk and fell asleep on his laps, his expression on his face slowly turned gentle, softening cold feeling of his body.

Her eyelashes were longand she looked like an angel who had entered into the mortal world when she fell asleep. She was so beautiful that makes him desire to kiss her.

Su Lengmo’s slender fingers unconsciously stroke Tang Yao’s smooth cheeks.

He had known this woman for several years, but he had never been so close to her like this moment.

The car suddenly swerved, Tang Yao almost fell down. Su Lengmo reached out to hold her.

Maybe it was due to hishand that touched Tang Yao’s nose,which was a little bit itchy,that she wrinkled her nose and turned around. Her lips almost touched him.

Lookingat Tang Yao’s fascinating and cute behavior, Su Lengmo’seyes became deeper, and looked like an abyss that could attractpeopletofall towards the bottom of his heart.

His breathing became a bit messy, reaching out his hand and trying to straighten her headwhen he suddenly heard her sniffling.


She cried and said in drunk.

Su Lengmo’s hands stopped a while, and then his hands wrapped around her body, holding the whole person in his arms.

Back to his villa, Su Lengmo hugged Tang upstairs and went straight into the bedroom. He kindly planned to take Tang Yao to a bath. However, she entangled him like an octopus and her small red mouth reached his cheek, whispering.

Su Lengmo grabbed Tang Yao’s hands and let her body far away from his, leaving him to maintain some reason.

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