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Chapter 2 Drown Her Sorrows

In the bar, Tang Yao was holding her cellphone, refreshing the photos that Gu shaoze cheated on her on Weibo (Chinese social media app) over and over again.

The way he kissed Chen, and the way he looked at her, and the limited edition car he bought for her……

Every photoshowed differentsides ofGu Shaoze, whichTang Yao hadnever seen before, so patientandgenerous.

He was used to be her man, her husband.

Although she was mentally prepared, she still lost her mind and couldn’t help crying when she saw the man that once slept beside her and she was deeply in love with became so intimate with another woman. She shut down the phone, rejecting all the calls and messages from Gu.

Tang Yao overestimated her ability of bearing this. She felt so painful that she only wanted to drown her sorrows. Therefore, even being such a self-controlled woman like her, she still came to this noisy bar, leaving all her work. Watching the men and women dancing wildly in the dance floor, she held up the wine glass, drinking the beer one after another.

But the more she drank, the more she was awake.

She was about to drink another one, then she caught sight of a man with a good shape walking through the crowd towards this side.

Su Lengmo?

Tang Yao shook her head, thinking, howcould a high and wealthy gentleman like Su would come to this noisy bar.

No longer looking at the man who lookedlike Su Leng Mo, Tang Yao poured herself another glass of wine, looked up and drank it all. The man had gone there when she tried to look again.

Tang Yao smiled with indifference. Like she said, how could a man like Su Lengmo come here?

“Yao Yao.”

A female voice came from far to near, and then the glass in Tang Yao’s hand was grabbedaway.

Tang Yao looked up and saw her best friend Sun Meng.

She smiled softly and pulled Sun Meng to the sofa.

“Meng Meng, you’ve come, come on, get drunk with me.”

Tang Yao took the glass and wanted to pour her wine,butthe glass was snatched by Sun relentlessly.

“Yao Yao, cheer up, it was the bastard Gu Shaoze that cheated on you. What you need to do is not to seeksolace in the drink here, but to punch him in the face, and then collect evidence to sue him for divorceand try to get more property for yourself. Don’tyou know how important money is to you?”

What Sun said was vulgar, but itwasalso the fact.

Tang Yao was in no positionto refute.

She had a father addicted to gambling, a mean mother who only wanted money, and a younger brother who always made trouble. If she didn’t get any money from Gu Shaoze, it was pretty clear what she would end up with.

Tang Yao smiled bitterly. When her marriage had a problem, her best friend didn’t ask her to fix the relationship with her husband, but persuade her to collect evidence to divide the property as much as possible.

But what Sun had said was right, she truly had a terrible family.

“It’s too noisy here, let’s go into the private room.”

Sun Meng pulled up Tang Yao, planning to change places to talk.

Tang Yao did not stop her just went upstairs with Sun Meng and walked straight into the room.

What she didn’t know was that there were a pair ofeyes hidden in the dark and watching herallthe time.

“Brother, they have already gone upstairs, let’s go too. I know the owner of this bar. I can ask him to turn on the monitor of their room for us.”

Su Qimo stared at the second flooranditched to have a go.

Su Lengmo vaguely looked at the room upstairs, and there was a flash of light in his deep dark eyes. Surprisingly, he did not reject this somewhat weird and abnormal proposal.

Inside the box, Sun Meng saw that Tang Yao kept silent, feeling a little pity for her, but evenmore anger.

SunMengand Tang Yao knew each other from a young age, but Sun Meng had abetter family. Her parents loved her and cared about her. But poor Yao had such a family. She had to carry the heavy burden of the family at a young age. It was a beautiful surprise for her to know Gu Shaoze. She suffered too much in order to marry him. However, after going through those ups and downs together, Gu still cheated like any other men.

“What are you going to do with Gu Shaoze?”

Sun Meng asked.

Tang Yao blinked and looked at her confusedly.

“I don’t know. I’ll probably get divorced. You know, his parents haven’t really accepted me from beginning to end. No matter how bad Chen Yuan’s reputation is, she is indeed a socialite,born in a rich family, anda famous celebrity. The Gufamily would be delightedthat he hooked up with Chen Yuannow.”

Retracting her gaze, Tang licked her lips and stated the fact in a clam tone.

“Nonsense! Everyone knows that you’d made so much money for the Gufamilyin the past few years. If it wasn’t you, Gu shaoze would not be able to live such a good life. Ifhe’s here right now, I’m gonna beat the shit out of him.”

Sun Meng said with a hot temper.

Tang Yao licked his lips and smiled bitterly.

Sun Meng got even more angry. “Shit! Men are all bastards. He prepared surprises for you on every birthday and always affectionately told you that he loved you. Now he just hooked up with another woman and got her pregnant. What a jerk!”

In the past, if someone told Sun Meng that Gu Shaoze had an affair, she would definitely slap the man to die.

Tang Yao became quieter.

Sun never expected this would happen, so did Tang.

In these years, Gu Shaoze treated her well. He would prepare the wedding anniversary for her every year and surprised her on her birthday, and sent her roses on every festival. Everyone knew that they were deeply in love, so they kept saying that she was a Cinderella who met with the prince and then became a princess. The only defect of their marriage was that they had been married for years but never got a baby.

This problem had been bothering her all the time.

Even without children, Tang Yao did not expect that Gu Shaoze would cheat on her. She had fantasized several times that they would grow old together.

But with Gu’s affair, all of this fantasy completely disappeared.

Tang Yao was a kind of woman that couldn’t tolerate any grit in her eyes. She knew that if her marriage with Gu Shaoze cracked, it would be impossible to be fixed.

“No!He got a beauty in his arms. Why should you drink to seek reliefhere? I will choosesome fit men for you later, and let’s have a revenge.”

Sun Meng went to ring the bell.

Soon the waiter came in and politely asked Sun Meng if she needed any help.

“Hi, handsome, bring your best men to me. I haveenough moneyandjust want to have fun tonight.”

Sun Meng said generously.

Tang Yao held the hand of Sun Meng and said with an apologetic smile,”My friend is drunk, You can leave now.”

“Don’t leave, hurry up and bring a few men to me to serve us here, or I will complain directly to your manager.”

Sun Meng was serious.

The waiter did not know what to do.

Tang Yao knew that Sun Meng was serious, so she had to agree with her and let the waiter prepare.

The reason why she came to the bar tonight was that she wanted to give vent to all her feelings. Now that Gu had hooked up with Chen, there was no need to be loyal to him.

Tang Yao picked up the bottle and took a big sip of the wine. The wine flowed out of her mouth because she drank in such a hurry.

She coughed fiercely, and the tears flowed outat its convenience, leavingher makeupruined.

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