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Chapter 1 She’s Pregnant

In June, it was stiflingly hot in Jin City. However, a news report of the paparazzi seemed to turn up the heat.

Tang Yao was completely stunned when she saw all the social mediawerereporting that Gu Shaoze, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, hadan affair with the popular star Chen Yuan.

Tang never expected that her beloved husband, who always told her that he loved her,would ever cheat on her.

Chen Yuan, a top-line celebrity in her husband’s company, having lots of fans. Shewas famous for her sexy dressing and had lots of gossip news. Her social life was a complete mess. Tang never expected that Gu would hooked up with a woman who was known as a “whore” in the industry.

Tang Yao couldn’t help creasing the newspaper in her hands. Her heart hurt terribly and it felt like that someone was clenching it.

Right now, the heroineof the gossip, was sitting in front of her, looking at her arrogantly.

“Ms. Tang, I think youknow me, saving the trouble of introduction. The reason why I ask you to meet me today is that I want to tell you— I’ve been pregnant for three months and Shaoze is the father of my baby. I hope you propose a divorce with him by yourselfsothat you two won’t end up ina bad mood.”

Chen Yuan talked to Tang in a haughty tone.

Tang clenched her fists. However, the more her heart hurt, the calmer she looked.

“What a well-known social butterfly in the industry. I believe that everyone has heard your name.But with so many men that you’ve been slept with, are you sure that Shaoze is the father of your baby?” Tang said softly.


Chen was angry. She took off her sunglasses,revealing her pretty and coquettish face.

Tang looked at that face. No wonder hadShaoze cheated on her, that girl got the asset of making men fall for her.

“Tang Yao, watch your month! I can date with any man if I want. I don’t need a baby to make Shaoze stay by my side. Yes, I got bad reputation, so what? At least I can have a baby and I got a decent family. What about you? You have been married to Shaoze for many years, and you never bear one. No wonder Shaoze got teased by people of his circle. You have a terribly greedy family. How can you ever be able to compare with me?”

What Chen Yuan said was like a knife that immediately tore apart Tang’s wound which she always tried to hide.

She forced a smile, looking at Chen scornfully, ”So what? Now, I’m the lady of this family. If I don’t divorce with Gu, your baby can only be a bastard. By then, not only willyour career get destroyed, but also you willbring disgrace to your family.”

Chen acted like a cat which got tread on the tail. She picked up the coffee on the table and wanted to spill it to Tang. At that moment, her arm got caught by someone.

She was so angry and turned around to see who hadthe nerve to stop her. Her facedarkenedwhen she saw the man.

The man standing in front of them hadbushyeyebrows, charming eyes, high nose, thin lips, and white skin which amounted to his flawless face, just like aperfected handiwork from god.

He seemed to be in his thirties, and the coldness and calm between his eyes showed that juvenile’s restlessness had fadedaway from him long before, and onlythe calm and restraint fromyears of life experiencehad been left with him now.

And this man was not anyone else, it was Su Lengmo, the heirof the renowned 100-year-old Su family in JinCity.

“Su, Mr Su…” Chen Yuan stuttered.

She never thought that Su Lengmo would come here. And now it seemed that he was backing TangYaoupthen.

hersight swept over Tang and Suconstantly and gradually glittered with fiith.

“Tang, you are just like anyone else,” Chen Yuan indicated.

Tang was no longer a 20-year-oldgirl, so she knew what Chen meantimmediately. She obviously misunderstood the relationship between Su Lengmo and her.

“Ms. Chen, if you don’t want me to give all your news to the media, get lost right now! ” Su shook off her hand, saying ina cold tone.

Although Chen wantedto humiliateTang, she still maintain her sense not to offend thismysterious heir.

“Tang Yao, You’d better think about it. Don’t stick with Shaoze. He doesn’t love you anymore.”

After saying this, Chen Yuan picked up her bag, noddedto Suasa coldgreeting, and left there with arrogance.

In the cornerremainedTang and Su—the former was sitting, while the latter standing in front of her.

Tang felt awkwardand forced a smile to Su.

She only met Su. for a few time in the party, far fromfamiliar with him. Hehad been the partner that the Gu family wanted to cooperate with, so Tang managed to talk to him every time they met each other. However, they didn’t have any further connection.

She was in such a mess, so she didn’t have time to figure out why Su was here.

Su gave her a clean handkerchief and said “Wiped it off, you look awful when crying. ”

Tang didn’t know that she’s crying until he told her. She took the handkerchief in a hurry, unwilling to let Su see her like that.

Su seemed to understand why she acted like this, and said,” It’s ok. Don’t be worried. I won’t tell anyone what happened today. ”

Then, he left.

Tang felt relieved. She took a glance at Su before she wiped her tears.

The phonerang. Tang Yao pickeditup. The one onthe other side asked her a lot of questions. Tang replied patiently,”Meng, I will meet you at Star&Moon Bar. Come and have a drink with me. Don’t ask me anything on the Internet. I’ll tell you when we meet.”

That Gu Shaoze cheated on heralmost crushed her to go mad.Now she only wanted to get drunk, using the wine to cover the pain.

“Ok, I’m goingright now.” Meng meng said.

After she hung up the phone, Tang asked the waiter to paythe bill, but the waiter told her that it was already paid by a gentleman and pointed to a direction.

Tang followed it and found it was Su Lengmo! She smiled awkwardly and then left taking her bag. It seemedthat shewas fleeing away.

“Brother, you fell in love?”

Su Qimo, sitting opposite Su Lengmo, watched Tang leaving the cafe and then turned around. Chin on his hands, he asked him playfully.

“You talked toomuch.”

Su put on his sunglasses and followed up.

“Hey, wait.”

Su Qimo followed up.

When they left the cafe, Su Qingmodrived the car and looked at Suinthe rearview mirror,who was sittingin the back seat.

Su Lengmo crossed his legs, nodding with his cold face and said, “Follow her.”

Qimo’s eyes was shining with gossip, but he obeyed Su’s ordre and kept following Tang Yao’s car.

When they followed Tang Yao to the bar and watched her get into it, he smiled filthily.

“Brother, a married women got cheated by her husband came to got drunk. Maybe you can have a wonderful nightwith her. ” Qimo turnedhis head around to look at Suin the back of the car, saying pointedly.

Sutook anindifferent lookat him, then got offthe car and walkedinto the bar.

Su Qi Mo touched his nose, and his face was full of meaningful smile.

He never saw his mysterious brother would ever care a woman like this, maybe tonight he willhave a wonderful love affair.

Ha ha.

Qimo laughed filthily.

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