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The King of Acupuncture and Medicine

Shen Zhen Yao Wang (Novel)
Other Name: 神针药王

Genre: novel, Martial Arts
Author: Lin Feng and Ning Mengyan
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Lin Feng has been learning Chinese medicine since he was a child, but he has not had the opportunity to show his abilities for so many years. When he was allowed to go down the mountain to rescue the wounded, he would never have thought that those people with false reputations would be able to help the patients behind their backs under the guise of being able to help the world! He is very young, but he knows that life is the most important thing in all things, and those who have never regarded medical ethics as the most basic morality of a doctor are not entitled to be respected by others, and those people are not saying that he has no Are you qualified to comment on them? He used his golden needle to show these people what the difference in strength was!

Free Reading Highlights:
In the early hours of the morning, at the exit of the airport, such a weird and luxurious fleet suddenly appeared, which made people feel a bit surprised.

At this time, at the exit No. 4 on the right side of Lin Feng and Song Jie, a tall woman with sunglasses walked out from the exit. She was around the woman and followed a group of assistants, for fear that the woman would accidentally be caught The pebble stone tripped over.

As soon as the woman appeared, the surrounding security guards suddenly looked like enemies, one by one, like super bodyguards in the movie, looking around, unspeakable formidable and domineering.

“Puff!” Song Jie couldn’t help laughing.

This sneer was particularly harsh in the silent early morning.

In an instant, the security guards on the road turned their heads, staring at Lin Feng and Song Jie with fierce eyes.

What does Song Jie do? How could he be bluffed by these empty shelves, he raised his eyebrows and shouted: “What are you looking at?”

Song Jieheng was even more horizontal than Song Jie. Hearing Song Jie’s shouts, a young man walked off the first Rolls-Royce. This young man was in his early thirties and was very weak. A gust of wind can knock him down. He wears a pair of old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses and a very ordinary suit. As soon as he got out of the car, the surroundings became quiet.

The young man turned his head, glanced at Song Jie, and said softly: “Just look at you, so what can I do?”

The young man seemed weak, but his eyes were filled with unparalleled domineering. Even Song Jie’s hob meat did not dare to reply again. This is the aura of a person. The aura is not clear, but it is true There exists, just like those at the highest level in China, even at the age of eighty or ninety, their words and deeds are still domineering.

At this time, Lin Feng was also looking at the youth. In the youth, Lin Feng seemed to see a person’s shadow.

That is Li Xinming.

Indeed, the temperament of the youth is too similar to Li Xinming. If Li Xinming is not the only child, Lin Feng really thinks this youth is Li Xinming’s brother.

Lin Feng patted Song Jie a little stunned, and interrupted and smiled: “It doesn’t matter if you look at it, but it’s a public place. You put such a big battle, but it disturbs public order a bit.”

Lin Feng’s eyes met the eyes of the young man, and the two refused to give each other.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” The tall woman walked over and asked softly.

The young man said calmly: “It’s okay, Xiaoyun, you go to the car first, I’ll take care of little things.”

“Oh.” The tall woman replied and glanced at Lin Feng and Song Jie, but unfortunately, the woman’s glasses were too big, covering half of her face, and she couldn’t see her appearance at all.

The woman got into the first Rolls-Royce, the young man closed the door for her, walked slowly to Lin Feng, and asked softly, “What is your name?”

“What do you want to do?” Song Jie also recovered now. He stood in front of Lin Feng, staring at the young man with enthusiasm.

The youth ignored Song Jie, just staring directly at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “My name is Lin Feng.”

“Are you Lin Feng?” The young man suddenly laughed, his smile full of disdain.

“Do you know me?” Lin Feng asked.

The young man smiled and nodded, and said: “It can be said that it is like a thunderbolt. I am glad to meet you. Remember my name. My name is Xie Lixing.”

Xie Lixing? Lin Feng thought about it for a while, but didn’t think of any family surnamed Xie in Zhonghai.

The youth glanced at Lin Feng again, turned around and left.

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