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Something Just Like This (2020) 青春创世纪

Youth Genesis (2020)
Other Title: 青春创世纪 / Something Just Like This

Genres: drama, romance
Chen Feihong,
 Zhou Hao
Release Date: 
November 8, 2020
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  • Huang Jingyu
  • Wu Jinyan
  • Xuan Lu
  • Xu Li
  • Cao Yuchen
  • Liang Dawei
  • Wang Maolei
  • Shi Nan
  • Wang Jiayu
  • Zhao Luoran

Qian Xixi, whose parents divorced, stayed at the home of the rich second generation Duan Ran since childhood. The two grew up together with their childhood sweethearts, but their personalities differed greatly because of their family backgrounds. Qian Xixi came into contact with the e-commerce broadcaster industry by mistake, and Duan Ran decided that the e-commerce broadcaster industry would be the next economic hot spot. After hard work, he acquired the broadcaster company and became Qian Xixi’s new boss. After entering the industry, Tsundere Duan Ran discovered that the complexity of the industry far exceeded his imagination.

On the other hand, Qian Xixi devoted himself to the entrepreneurial wave of the Internet, and did not want to meet the big star Jiang Zheyang-her classmate in high school. Thanks to Qian Xixi’s efforts, Jiang Zheyang’s appearance saved it. Duan Ran’s company. At this time, the Internet entrepreneurship wave is surging. Duan Ranqian Xixi has encountered difficulties and challenges in his career many times while he is emotionally fettered. Growing up in adversity, while finally finding true love, he also realized his own “Chinese Dream.

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