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Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 8 Recap

Nan Zhiya put on those glasses and clearly saw her past life in the mirror. He was the princess of the dynasty, named Aren. She and Li Yuan had been in love for more than ten years. She grew up from a girl to a young girl. , Li Yuan hasn’t changed in any way, still youthful forever. On that day, the king sent someone to call Aen back. Aen exposed the king to his face as a python spirit, killing his father and becoming a king. Aen pulled out an arrow to shoot the king, and the king cleverly avoided.

After thinking about it again and again, Arn decided to hand Li Yuan to the king, and begged the king to let her father go. Ar’en was willing to repay her with death. She came to Li Yuan, and Li Yuan drew his sword and killed Aren. Li Yuan hurried over and saw Nan Zhiya standing in front of the mirror bursting into tears, knowing that she had seen all the truth. Arn witnessed Li Yuan brutally killing her for revenge for the python spirit. She could not accept this reality. Knowing that Li Yuan only had her first love, Aren, Li Yuan helped her dry her tears, and then left angrily.

Li Lang came to see Li Yuan at the Tianluo girl restaurant, and couldn’t wait to inquire about Nan Zhiya’s performance in her previous life. Li Yuan only wanted to know the whereabouts of the python. The brothers started playing chess as before. . Li Yuan and Li Lang have played chess by the pond since they were young. Li Lang wins every time and he is very happy.

Li Yuan quickly defeated Li Lang and explained that he was deliberately letting him when he was a child, and Li Lang was so angry that he overthrew the chessboard. In fact, Li Lang was the illegitimate son of Li Yuan’s father and a human woman. Li Lang’s mother threw him into the woods and was almost eaten by the starving ghosts in the woods. Thanks to Li Yuan’s timely rescue and brought him by her side to raise him, From then on, the two brothers depended on each other.

That night, Li Lang, Li Yuan, and Nan Zhiya all had their own confession, and all three of them stayed up all night. Nan Zhiya came to work early in the morning, habitually looking for Li Yuan’s figure, and finally left disappointed. Li Yuan hid on the side and watched her every move. The president suddenly felt uncomfortable and could hardly breathe. He quickly picked off a yogurt in the living room and ate it. His physical strength gradually recovered. Suddenly, Li Lang came to him uninvited to settle the account. The boy in the form of a python suddenly came out to stop Li. Lang, Li Lang didn’t expect him to grow up so quickly, guessing that he had eaten a lot of humans.

Li Lang only wanted the chairman to get rid of Nan Zhia as soon as possible. The boy disagreed. At the beginning, Li Lang gave Nan Zhia as a sacrifice, and he wanted to marry Nan Zhia as a bride. Nan Zhiya was absent-minded during working hours. Kim writer He Caihuan guessed that she was having trouble with Li Yuan. Li Yuan had been guarding Nan Zhiya downstairs at the company. Shen Zhou brought him sushi, but Li Yuan couldn’t eat it.

The boy who was reincarnated by the little black dog had been waiting for Li Lang, wanting to become a brave person like him. Li Lang saw a wound on his face and guessed that he had been beaten, so he put on him and went away. A middle-aged woman came to the snail girl’s restaurant to make trouble, yelled five and six to the snail girl, gesticulating, she seduce the snail girl’s husband, causing them to turn against each other. The snail girl did not want to entangle her, but she refused to forgive her. The writer He Caihuan was eating here. He couldn’t bear it, so he went to fight with the middle-aged woman for reasons, and the woman threatened the second chief and left.

Nan Zhiya wanted to concentrate on researching people’s past lives. She came to consult with a psychologist. The doctor gave her a notebook, which collected a lot of information about previous lives, and revealed that it was collated by her and Nan Zhiya’s mother. Zhiya was stunned. How could her mother, a surgeon, intervene in sorting out these materials? The doctor revealed Nan Zhiya’s experience of being hypnotized when she was a child. Shen Zhou has been following her to protect Nan Zhiya.

Nan Zhiya hurried back to the office and couldn’t wait to open the CD. When she saw the video of hypnotherapy when she was a child, Nan Zhiya suddenly showed a fierce look and pinched the psychiatrist’s neck severely. In the video, Nan Zhiya clearly remembered herself. In her previous life, she was a python. She wanted to find the mountain god. When Nan Zhiya saw this scene, she was in a cold sweat. The little girl in the video forced Nan Zhiya to turn off the power. Before Nan Zhiya could react, Huan suddenly opened the door. Nan Zhiya hurriedly packed up the documents and left.

The middle-aged woman knocked on Li Lang’s door and said something inexplicable. Li Lang suddenly felt a trance, and then opened his eyes and crossed back to the small mountain village. The villagers gathered around and punched and kicked him, Li Lang desperately broke free. Seeing his mother trembling in the thatched hut, his mother wanted to take him out of the village. The villagers regarded him as a monster. Li Lang refused to do it and was knocked out on the spot. Li Lang woke up and found himself in the woods. The starving ghost suddenly rushed over and attacked him. The middle-aged woman suddenly appeared. The starving ghost chased him and Li Lang fled in fright.

Nan Zhiya was looking through the information, and suddenly a middle-aged aunt appeared and gave her a bottle of drink. She also talked about Fox Ridge. Nan Zhiya hurried to chase her, but the aunt had already disappeared. When Nan Zhiya was in a daze when she was a child, she and her parents drove across Fox Ridge. She saw the area where the car accident occurred. Nan Zhiya desperately stopped her father, but he turned a deaf ear to Nan Zhiya and exclaimed in shock. The great god brought Li Yuan to the two gates, clearly stating that Nan Zhiya and Li Lang were both in danger of life, and asked him to choose whether to save Nan Zhiya or Li Lang. Li Yuan pushed open Li Lang’s door and rescued Li Lang from a group of starving ghosts.

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