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Spring Field Little Doctor

The Little Doctor of Springfield (Novel)
Other Name: 春野小神医

Genre: novel
Author: N/a
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist of the novel is Li Jin. The exciting content of the novel includes: Li Jin has no parents since he was a child, so he respects Xiao Yuru, who taught him when he was a child, and she is the only one after so many years. He really cared about and loved him, so when he learned that someone wanted to calculate Yuru’s sister-in-law, Li Jin went crazy and broke into the Xiao family and saved Yuru’s sister-in-law, but at the same time, he also knew that those two people hadn’t given up at all. , So he decided to find those two people and completely scared them. It’s just that Li Jin didn’t expect that the two wicked men were lying in ambush not far away, waiting for him to find him. They attacked him behind the scenes, and threw him into the river. An adventure!

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Both hands began to point and point.

Countless collapsed mountains and rivers returned to their place following where her finger pointed.

As a result, the mountains and rivers were restored to their original state, and the rivers no longer boiled.

But in a moment, Meihe Village has been restored as before.

When the mountains and rivers meet, there are countless victories in the world!

After finishing this matter, Shi Shanniang turned around and said to the cultivators, “Next, we Heixuan still have a lot to do, but there is no problem in Meihe Village. You can go home.”

The rich man nodded to Shi Shanniang and said, “Thank you.”

Shi Shanniang nodded, and then came to the pale paper-colored Meng Lusha, “With this opening of heaven and earth, the mountains and the remains will eventually be combined with this side. Then, there will be nothing up and down. By the way, Li Jin is in the cave in the mountain ahead. The black dragons are watching him. There should be nothing wrong with him. If you are worried about him, you can go and see him.”

Meng Lusha subconsciously wanted to say who was worried about him.

But seeing Shi Shanniang’s appearance, he said, “Thank you very much.”

Shi Shanniang finally smiled.

Meng Lusha will also say thank you, the world is getting better.

She nodded, and then disappeared here with Heixuan.

They still have a lot to do, and they won’t stay here long.

“Go home!” The rich father is the most anxious. I beat him to death. Now, Li Jin, you come here with this cut, but don’t kill my concubines, or I will look for them. You want the coffin to go.

Many people have already left, but Meng Lusha went to the mountain where Li Jin was.

There is a cave exit in front, so you can easily walk in.

It’s just that she just walked in a few steps, and she heard a voice inside, and it was Li Jin’s voice.

“With such a big change, I don’t know what happened to my sister-in-law Yuru, and Bai Suliu Zhibai and the others… No, I have to go and see…” Li Jin stood up, no matter what his body was. .

Meng Lusha’s face darkened, and she had already retreated soon.

Li Jin slowly walked out from there, and he could see that he was working hard.

That knife exhausted all his cultivation base, and even destroyed his realm where others could not see it.

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