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Meiji Kaika: Shinjuro Tanteicho

Meiji Kaika: Shinjuro Tanteicho
Other Title: 明治開化 新十郎探偵帖

Genres: drama, Historical, Investigation, Suspense
Kasaura Tomochika, Motoki Kazuhiro, Okano Hironobu
Komatsu Eriko, Ito Yasuro (伊藤靖朗)
NHK BS Premium
Release Date: 
Related Show:
Novel by Sakaguchi Ango


  • Fukushi Sota as Yuki Shinjuro
  • Uchida Rio
  • Yamoto Yuma
  • Nakamura Yasuhi
  • Katsumura Masanobu
  • Sasai Eisuke
  • Tsurumi Shingo
  • Inamori Izumi

According to Ango Sakaguchi himself’s “Oral to the Reader” , the plot of each episode basically consists of the following patterns. Toranosuke Izumiyama, a swordsman, visits Katsu Kaishu’s residence and begins to explain the case being investigated by Shinjuro Yuki, a gentleman detective who lives next to Izumiyama.

Description of the case: Kaishu shows his reasoning to Toranosuke, Shinjuro reveals the truth, Kaishu regrets losing his reasoning.

Ango refused, “Because it’s a detective story, it’s not a strict detective story.” For comfort, it may be boring if you read it while reasoning, “he said, revealing that he wrote with an emphasis on solving the mystery as a full-scale detective story . Depending on the episode, a challenge to the reader, “Please guess the criminal,” may be inserted. Also, regarding Katsu Kaishu’s role as a detective, he said, “Since the brain of Kaishu in the Meiji era fails, the reader of this catch book says that even if the reasoning goes wrong, I am not Manzara. You can rest assured . “

However, this pattern will collapse in the latter half of the series. The first part (visiting Toranosuke’s Kaishu residence) is only in episodes 1 to 3, and after the fourth episode “Oh ruthless”, it suddenly starts from the second part (explanation of the case). .. Furthermore, after the 14th episode “Lottenam Bijinjutsu”, the 3rd part (Kaifune’s reasoning) disappears, and after the 15th episode “Red Trap”, the 5th part (Kaifune’s defeat) disappears (16th episode “Family is 6 people”).・ Except for “one and a half eyes”). In addition, Kaishu’s turn will decrease as the serialization progresses, and will not appear at all after the 17th episode “Wolf Daimyojin”. Not only that, Shinjuro Yuki, who plays the leading role, also tends to have fewer turns .

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