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The young marshal is jealous every day

The young marshal is jealous every day (Manga)
Other Name: 少帅每天都在吃醋

Genres: manga, war, love, crossing
changing moon culture
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A arrogant and domineering young lady was killed. Lu, the goddess of surgery in the 21st century, came here early. She has superb medical skills and a clear heart. She faces the innocent parents-in-law, the husband does not love, and the concubine wives who look down on her , With only a small scalpel stepping on green tea in the warlord’s mansion, kicking his mind, life is invincible.

The husband of the young marshal who sees her as a mosquito crawls on her bed every night, turns her window, and wants to be a pair of beautiful mandarin ducks forever with her. The cynical young master is willing to be her little brother, and he will come and flick as soon as he is recruited, clinging to her face and begging for a kiss. The big warlord on the side of Weizhen didn’t marry her, except she didn’t want it, and arrogantly set up twenty cannons in front of her house. ABCDEFG, all men are superb, the most feared thing in life is to do multiple choice questions.

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