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The Pampered Regent of the Richest Woman

The pampered regent of the richest woman (Manga)
Other Name: 女首富之娇宠摄政王

Genres: manga
Big Devil Comics
Related Show:

Dayan’s richest woman warms wine and struggles for a lifetime to be rich, but she is deceived by scumbags and pit money, and loses both wealth and wealth. When I woke up back to the age of fifteen, I opened my eyes and met my old enemy with a sedan chair to come and marry her fifth brother! Knowing that the beautiful boy in front of me will become the regent with power in his hands, Wenjiu will decisively show his favor to the future regent: I am responsible for making money and supporting the family, please continue to be ecstatic! Who expected the wedding night in the bridal chamber, warm wine (stunned): eldest brother? ! Why did you enter the bridal chamber! !

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