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Kyojo Season 2

Other Title: 教場

Genres: drama, Police, Mystery
Nakae Isamu
Kimizuka Ryouichi
Release Date:
Related Show:
Kyojo series by Nagaoka Hiroki


  • Kimura Takuya as Kazama Kimichika
  • Fukuhara Haruka as Oshino Megumi
  • Yamoto Yuma as Urushibara Tousuke
  • Sugino Yosuke as Higa Taichi
  • Maeda Gordon as Inabe Takashi
  • Okazaki Sae as Isaki Touko
  • Tozuka Junki as Yoshimura Kenta
  • Takatsuki Sara as Domoto Maya

At the Japan Police Academy, new recruits have to undergo a tough training routine that starts from 6 a.m. daily. The recruits are under constant surveillance, and they all have to look out for each other as an individual’s mistake equals punishment for the entire team. Mobile phones are not allowed and any communication with the outside world requires permission. Perhaps the toughest of all is to adhere to the rigid rules of conduct that is expected of them.

Kimichika Kazama is a well-known stone-cold ruthless instructor at the Police Academy and he has been assigned as the trainer of the 198th short-term class (6 months for university graduates). To Kazama, the training course acts as a filter to discern the weak from the strong, and only the mentally and physically capable can proceed to the subsequent full curriculum course. The trainees are made up of very different individuals who come from various backgrounds, each harboring their own secrets and grudges. Out of the 30 recruits, how many will be able to survive Kazama’s intense and harsh training to make the final cut at the end of the course? — Fuji TV

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