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Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season Episode 11 – 15

Episode 11 “Chance to be connected”

The opponent of the first match of the spring high school volleyball national tournament is Tsubakihara Gakuen High School. Kageyama, who adapted to the unfamiliar venue, decided to have a haste with Hinata and made the venue excited. Tsubakihara introduces an unexpected “secret weapon” to Karasuno, who is leading the game.

Episode 12 “Vivid”

Karasuno High School Volleyball Club decided to advance to the second round after defeating Tsubakihara Gakuen. Meanwhile, Hinata meets Mitsurai Hoshikai of Kodai High School, who was also selected for the All Japan Youth Training Camp at the Harutaka venue. Hinata witnessed the play of Hoshikai, who is known as the “little giant.”

Episode 13 “Day 2”

The second day of spring high. The opponent of the second round is Inarizaki High School, which has the IH runner-up candidate, the strongest twins in the high school volleyball world, “Miya Brothers”. The challenge to “the strongest challenger” Inarizaki is about to begin! !!

Episode 14 “Rhythm”

The second round of spring high with Inarizaki High School, which finally opened. Karasuno High School is overwhelmed from inside and outside the court with the attacks centered on the strongest twins “Miya Brothers” and the support of Inarizaki High School. What appeared in the Karasuno cheering seat …

Episode 15 “Find”

Karasuno High School was regaining its rhythm with the support of Saeko and others, but Inarizaki High School gained momentum after the Miya brothers decided to have a “eccentric haste”. What measures did Karasuno take against unexpected attacks?

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