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Husband changes people every day

Husband changes people every day
Other Name: 老公每天换人设

Genres: Modern Romance
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“Li Weiyin, who was originally a daughter of gold, became a bargaining chip for the marriage of two noble families in a family accident! Wait, this young master of the Xu family has an IQ of only eight years old! God, he wants to marry a son. Is it?

Although he smiled innocently and cutely, holding his hand and calling out to his sister, he flew up cutely, but he couldn’t put his whole life into it, right? Huh? Not quite right, why did he even get married the next day? Becoming cold and domineering?! On the third day of the wedding, he became evil and seductive?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband being the same every day?!”

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