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Rebirth of the Demon Lord

Rebirth of the Demon Lord
Other Name: 重生之魔尊当道

Genres: manhua
Island Project
Related Show:

A generation of Demon Emperor Shi Tian, ​​was betrayed by his cronies, and was besieged by the Five Sects of the Righteous Way and died. Just when the whole world thought that there was no devil in the world, Emperor Shitian was bizarrely reborn and lived as an apprentice Mo Fan. Facing the situation of total loss of mana and weak physical body, he chose to forbear, and then reshape his supernatural powers, and rise strongly. However, under the pressure of the so-called Five Sects of the Righteous Path, Emperor Shitian will embark on the road of revenge, the blood-blade traitor, sweeping the five sects, and reappearing the demon sovereign!

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